Poopy Pops Did the Trick!!!

Jul 23, 2001

The Bottom Line Potty training is good. It saves on the cost of disposable diapers or washing cloth!!

As most of you know, potty training can be quite a challenge. I have a boy and a girl. Each of their experiences with potty training have been different.

My daughter was easy. Right after she turned two, we began potty training her. I eliminated diapers entirely. I was a stay at home mom at the time and had nothing better to do with my time than to stay at home and clean up pee. This method may not work for everyone. I had a lot to clean up after, but she was potty trained within three weeks.

It was summer time and we spent a lot of time out doors. I would dress her in regular briefs and shorts alone. We started off outside, that way if she were to mess it would not make a huge mess inside. She learned a lot from her very first accident. She did not like the feeling of urine trickling down her legs.

By the very next day she started sitting on her potty. I would let her watch television while sitting on her potty chair. She had went a few times unaware that she was going until she heard the trickles in the pot. I cheered her on!! We called all of her grandmothers and grandfathers to let her share this wonderful moment. They too cheered her on. She felt good to receive such praise.

There were a few occasions that she had accidents. I totally blame myself for them. I had a graduation ceremony to go to. It was a long one. I should have packed plastic pants to cover her briefs. She had an accident. I hugged her and told her that it was alright.

I do not believe in spanking a child for making accidents. I have seen many parents spank their children for this. I feel that if I am not able to take my child to the bathroom every hour on the hour in the beginning then it is my fault if she has an accident. Their bladders can only hold so much and they are still in a learning process of trying to hold them in. BE PATIENT.

Now on with my son. He took a lot longer. He had no problems peeing in the potty. In fact, he decided that he wanted to pee like the rest of the "Big Men." He developed his own way of going. He takes a little stool and stands on it when he goes.

I think that this was my downfall. He took longer when it came to Poopy training. He needed to get a feel for sitting on the toilet. For the longest time he refused to sit on one and go. He would rather hide in his closet and go in his pull-ups.

I found that knowing when he is going sometimes helps. When ever he hides for his closet I run after him and place him on the potty. I have caught it in time just a few times, but there was actual progress.

On to Poopy Pops. I was getting desperate as my son is now three going on four and was still not potty trained. I went out and loaded the freezer with plain lowfat/ no sugar popsicles. I told him that when ever he goes #2 in the potty he will get a Super Duper Poopy Pop. I told him that they were special and that they were only for him.

He cried at first because he wanted one NOW!!! I dealt with the complaining and held out until that special moment. You should have saw the look on his face when he finally accomplished going on the potty! It took him five minutes of sitting on the potty enough to relax. I had to tell him a story about using the potty. (They do have children's story books about this.) Now, he is going on a regular basis. My son is the type who does not want to be verbally praised by the fact that he went. He is very timid about letting anyone know that he went and would just rather have a Poopy Pop.

I hope my experiences with potty training will help. I also wanted people to know that each child is different and this needs to be taken in to consideration.

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