Febreze Allergen Reducer

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A MUST-have for people with allergies.

Jul 12, 2005
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Pros:It WORKS, it's cheap, readily-available, and easy to use!

Cons:None really, except your hand gets a little cramped when you're continuously spraying it!

The Bottom Line: This stuff works---if you have allergies, it will really give you relief.

I am horribly allergic to both cats and dogs---I practically sneeze my head off around both, my eyes can get itchy, I get all congested, and I break out around dogs! For these reasons, I don't own any furry pets, but my parents have a cat and my in-laws have a dog. Needless to say, family reunions are INTERESTING. I have an ionic air filter that I drag around to each house, and that definitely helps (as does a nice helping of Allegra). I'm always on the lookout for products that will help my affliction, though. One day, I was at my in-law's house and I noticed that my allergies weren't as bad as they usually are. I wasn't taking Allegra at the time since I was pregnant, and I knew the filter didn't help me THAT much. I noticed that she had Febreze Allergen Reducer on the hall table. Maybe I picked it up and read the label, but I didn't really give it a second thought.

Fast-forward a few weeks. I'm at my parents' house and not only do they have the cat in the house, they are dog-sitting! By the end of the first day, I felt very, very sick---I had a huge headache, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes---the whole nine yards. My parents had vacuumed, I had the air filter running, and the animals were behind closed doors, but I had no relief! I knew I had to run to the local supermarket for some relief (I still couldn't take my beloved Allegra!). Suddenly, I remembered the Febreze Allergen Reducer---did that help my allergies at my in-law's house? I figured it was worth a try, so I jetted off to the local supermarket to buy some Tylenol Allergy medicine and Febreze Allergen Reducer (I believe I bought the smaller, 500 mL bottle and it cost me just under $5).

This stuff is like regular Febreze---liquid in a clear spray bottle so you can see exactly how much is left after you spray it around. I sprayed the stuff ALL OVER the house---on the carpet, drapes, upholstery---I was DESPERATE. It left a pleasant smell. I wasn't sure how it all was supposed to work (and I'm still not sure), all I knew was that the label says "reduces up to 75% of allergens from cats, dogs, and dust mites that can become airborne from fabrics."

Well, I'm not kidding you, within an hour, I felt A LOT better. My headache started to clear up and I wasn't sneezing like mad. Relief lasted for about a day and a half before my symptoms started up again. I re-sprayed the house and I felt great again!

Not a week later, we moved into a new house. Guess what? The former owners had a dog! Sure, the house was sparkling clean when we moved in, but they hadn't steam-cleaned the carpets (and there are carpets in every room except the bathrooms and laundry room!). I was in HELL---in my own house! Well, I drove right over to the supermarket and bought THREE bottles of Febreze Allergen Reducer!

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