Nordic Track Ski Machines

Jul 31, 2001

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The Bottom Line EXPENSIVE - many people do NOT continue to use them [check EBAY], but effective if you are motivated.

I've owned a Nordic Track for over 15 years.
I've read many of the other reviews, and would like
to add my own opinion.
After many years of use, the machine is still in good
shape - the original speedometer broke, so I upgraded
many years ago to an electronic version.
Supposedly they have gone out of business, and someone
else has taken them over - so the current quality may
be less.
I also upgrade my machine with the front-inclination legs
[by drilling some holes - the machine is so sturdy that
it took this w/o problems]. The inclination feature
can really add to your workout of your lower abs.
It was a bit tricky to get used to at first, but beginners
should do the legs first, and then can quickly add the
arm movements.

PROS - really works out the upper body independently of
the lower body - I really enjoy feeling the heat from
the friction device on top, knowing it the effort that
went in. Relatively little impact on the major joints.
A REAL workout is possible in only 20 minutes, and it seems
easier to get my heart rate up with the Nordic Track than with my elliptical.
Works many different muscle groups.

CONS - upper body motion does not hit the biceps, unlike
my elliptical machine. Much noisier that my elliptical
machine [so much so, that when I watch TV, I turn on
closed-captioning to be able to understand]. Finally, very
expensive - new one is like $600.

I like mine sufficiently that I'm actively looking to
upgrade to a newer model - unfortunately, I'm limited
to shopping on EBAY, since NordicTrack now has branched
out into all sorts of OTHER things, and only carries one
model. If you check on
EBAY, you'll see dozens of these machines constantly on
sale [that says something ...] RECOMMEND: try getting one of these used machines. There's a large selection available,
some quite inexpensive.

If you insist on buying a new machine, Nordic Track itself
periodically auctions new machines at
[so save a bundle].

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