SK8W Vinyl Vent Duct Kit with Supurr-Vent Hood

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When You Need A Dryer Hose Replacement, Choose the Vinyl Vent Kit

Aug 8, 2005
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Pros:Fire resistant, 8 ft. long, comes with everything needed for installation!

Cons:None so far!

The Bottom Line: Everything is in the multiple trips to the hardware store!

We recently replaced our dryer which had been sitting in the same exact spot in my laundry room for about 20 years. In removing the dryer, we found the dryer hose to be in a deteriorating condition. So off to the hardware store we went! Instead of just replacing the hose, we decided to buy a kit, containing a vinyl vent with hood, the hose, and all the hardware for installation. The kit we chose was the Vinyl Vent Kit with Supurr Vent Hood, Model SK8W.

The Kit

The Vinyl Vent Kit with Supurr Vent Hood, Model SK8W came with everything we needed to install except a screwdriver. The hose was a little disappointing. It was made with a foil material, maybe a little more durable than the flimsy paper-like ones. The advantage of choosing the foil model is that the foil is fire resistant. The hose is 8 ft. long with a 4 inch diameter.

The vent hood is white and about 6 inches by 6 inches and was designed so that the louvers can open up with ease when the dryer is on and heat coming through the hose. The louvers are slightly curved to help with noise reduction. Otherwise, the vent appears as a closed cover on the outside of the house when dryer is not in operation.

There is also a sheet of lightweight aluminum that goes into the end of the hose to stabilize the end going through your wall. This helps the hose to stay in place. This hose is also very flexible.

The Vinyl Vent Kit with Supurr Vent Hood, Model SK8W came with hardware needed to attach the vent hood to the outside of the house to cover up the opening around the hole for the hose to release the hot air through both inside and outside.

Purchase price was about $12.99 which wasn't bad considering a hose alone was $9.99.


Installation was very simple. All you have to do is attach one end of the hose to your dryer opening and secure it and run the opposite end out the opening in your wall to release the hot air. The part that took the longest was screwing the Spurr Vent Hood into the outside wall. I would say this installation took all of 10 minutes if that long. This job is easy enough for a woman or even a teenager to do!

Company Information

Vinyl Vent Kit with Supurr Vent Hood, Model SK8W is made in the USA by:

Deflecto Corporation
P.O. Box 50057
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-849-9555, ext. 4268


Final Thoughts And Recommendation

I recommend this kit if you need a dryer vent for a new house or a replacement. You have all your screws, hose and nice looking louver door on the outside of your home to cover up the vent opening. A regular hose will cost about the same as this kit, so save yourself a headache and get everything in one box! I give the Vinyl Vent Kit with Supurr Vent Hood, Model SK8W 5 Stars!

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