Top 10 Teen Flicks of 99’-01’

Aug 1, 2001

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Yea, sure we love to hate them, but then again we love those feel good movies too. Teen movies have a special ďqualityĒ about them. You know how theyíre going to end. The whole ďBoy Gets GirlĒ Routine. You know that thats how life never goes. From 1985-Present, the movie industry seems to be throwing a teen flick at us every month. But you still force yourself to watch. These 10 movies, have not been the critics choice, by any means, haha. These probably have been movies you all gave 1 star to. But the 25 year old actors playing teenagers have amused me, at some point. So here they are:(These are from 99í to present)

Every teen movie, has a certain antidote to it. The backdrop should be a high school. You got to have the pretty guy and the pretty girl. Donít forget the evil cute guy, out to get the pretty girl. Throw in a bet, and everyone finding out about it, and you got yourself a teen flick!!!

10.Save The Last Dance-
Iím a big fan of Julia Stiles ever since I saw her in 10 Things I Hate About You. In save the last dance she plays Sara Johnson, a ballerina. A girl who is forced to move with her father in the ghettos of Chicago, after her mom died. Sean Patrick Thomas plays the male lead. The first time I saw him was in Cruel Intentions, as Selma Blairís tutor. He plays Derek Reynolds a man on a mission to succeed. He wants to get away from the gang life. Derek and Sara fall for each other through hip/hop dancing. He teaches her a few steps. This isnít the first teen movie to deal with inter-racial relationships, but it is one of the most modern. It shows a different backdrop for a inter-racial relationship

9.Bring it on
I know what your thinking, What in the world possessed me to put this on. I found it really funny. I mean sure itís probably the downfall of Kristen Dunst career, but it was still had itís moments. Itís a cheerleader movie. Itís funny because the creator of this movie, knows itís not a critic classic. And it doesnít try to be, itís just good fun humor. Kristen plays Torrance. She leads the Rancho Carne Torro's High cheerleaders. They are accused, well they did, steal from a nearby high school East Compton. Torrance believes that they are a better team and it will prove it in an cheerleading competition. It has a Clueless ring to it, but what teen flick doesnít? Theres also a little romance between Cliff(Jesse Bradford) and Torrance. Cliff is the brother of a fellow cheerleader. I will say this Jesse Bradford is cute, and has potential, this movie probably wonít do a whole lot for him though.

8.Center Stage
This movie was just great. Call it Footloose, call it Saturday Night Fever, it was a great movie. The movie wasnít filled with the teen idol faces your used to seeing. Rather, it was filled with real dancers, who strutted their stuff(Well Most). The dancers also happen to be pretty faces too. Well this is still a movie people, got to have to the pretty people. It shows the competitive world of dancing. And how not many people are not cut for it. Amanda Schull stars as Jody. The dancer we watch as she makes chooses the wrong guy, then the right guy. We see how she struggles as a dancer with bad feet, but then how she succeeds. Itís face paced, and throws many things at you. Maybe too many, but the dancing is too good to ignore.

7. Never Been Kissed
Drew Barrymore in a Teen movie, is this a mistake? No, but be prepared to laugh until Freddie Prinze Jr. is succeed as King of the teen flicks(Never!!). Josie Gellar(Drew) had a horrible high school life. The last thing she needs is to relive it all again. But she gets that opportunity, as a undercover reporter. To tell whatís really going on in high school. She gets into the groove with the help of her brother(David Arquette). She falls for her teacher. Thereís a disaster period where everything is revealed, but everything is good when she gets her man. Leelee Sobieski makes an appearance, as a girl Josie befriends. Itís funny movie: youíll laugh, cry, say hey thatís pretty stupid, and laugh some more.

6. Cruel Intentions
This movie was created for Ryan Phillipe fans, and fans only. This movie was a bit racy for the ďteen genre,Ē but thatís why it made my list. It goes like this: The boy(Ryan Phillipe) creates a bet with his stepsister(Sarah Michelle Gellar). The bet is if the boy beds the virgin(Reese Witherspoon), then he will get to bed his stepsister. ďWhat....Ē-is exactly what Iím thinking. Anyhoot, the other side of the bet includes the stepsister getting the car. The virgin(not so much a virgin anymore) finds out about the bet. The boy finds heís falling in love. Thereís a collision of emotions. You begin to really hate rich, snotty, prepped up kids at this point. Ruining ending...(Paleeze like you were going to watch it anyways..) Boy dies for his love. His love(the former virgin) honors him, by publishing his journal to the school. It exposed the evil stepsister, as the crack in her cross necklace, evil girl she was. The movie had a bittersweet ending. Everyone got what was coming to them, even if that meant killing your leading man. The soundtrack totally rocked too.

5. Idle Hands
I guess the #1 reason why I added this was because Seth Green was in it. He always seems to take on roles that are so beneath him. But thats what you got to love about Seth. Itís creepy how the director combined horror and comedy together. The movie actually stars Devon Sawa, who plays Anton. Heís possessed by his idle hand. And the movie revolves around getting him free of this curse, and killing it. Jessica Alba playís his love interest. This is the movie I saw her in. She probably didnít get her job as the Dark Angel from this gig. The movie is very gory, they used a lot of ketchup to make this film. Itís funny, itís bloody, does it make for a great mix? Well I thought it did.

4. The Skulls
If this movie doesnít feature everyone from the WB, then I donít know what does. Story revolves around Leslie Bibb(Chloe), Joshua Jackson(Luke), Paul Walker(Kaleb), and Hill Harper(Will), and of coarse the skulls. The Skulls is a secret society. Luke wants to get in, to insure financial benefits, and to get through law school. Kaleb is the son of someone on the memberís board. He and Luke get in. Will gets killed by a Skull, wonít say who. Luke will die proving his innocence, and exposing the skulls. Itís a thrilling movie, and is fun to watch. Oh did I mention out the love interest part? Chloe and Luke are nuts about each other, there, you have it.

3. Down To You
Starring....I know you been waiting for this.....Freddie Prinze Jr.Many people hate this movie. Why?! itís a great love story. On the other end we have Julia Stiles(who has potential to be the next Julia Roberts. Taking it that far Sher? Yup). This is really good acting from both ends. Freddie(Al) and Julia(Imogen) fall in love, in college, which is a change from the high school scene. Al wants to be a chef, and sounds like a chef. Imogen wants to be an artist, or is, and she sounds like on. Imogen. Troubles arise when Imogen might be pregnant. The couple resolve things between them, but not so soon. Everything isnít hanky dory in the film. They spend time apart, they show how Al falls apart. Eventually theyíre ready to commit to each other again. Henry Winkler, makes an appearance, as Alís famous chef dad. Julia and Freddie have great chemistry, which makes it worth watching.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You
Oí Romeo, Oí Romeo, oops wrong play. No, ladies and gentlemen this one belongs to The Taming of the Shrew. Right down to the names, which includes Padua High. This one is more complex, or maybe too many characters to break it down. It stars Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordan Levitt, Andrew Keegan and of coarse Heath Ledger. Boy gets girl, out of a deal, done by another boy, who wants to get the sister of the 1st girl. The 1st girl is a pain in the neck, but finds romance in the 1st boy. Well if that confused you, then let me clear it up for you(ha), everyoneís happy in the end. Julia show sheís really a great actress. Julia and Heath donít have the greatest chemistry. The movie does a good job to remake Shakespeare into modern times. Or the best job it could do.

1. Sheís All That
This movie rejuvenated the Teen movie craze in the late 90ís. It made Freddie the king of Teen Flicks. Starring in the movie is Freddie Prinze Jr.(Zack), Rachael Leigh Cook(Laney), Paul Walker(Dean), and Jodi Lyn Oí Keefe(Taylor). The story goes, Zack is big man on campus, well in high school. He gets dumped by his queen, Taylor. Dean, his good friend, make a bet that Zack has to turn a girl into the prom queen, by the time the prom rolls around. Dean chooses Laney. Lany is a quiet girl and artistic. Zack transform Laney into a barbie doll with the help of his sister. But oops...she finds out about the bet. But oops...Zack has fallen in love. Everyoneís hurt. Zack and Laney are together in the end. Or so your led to believe. So Zack lost the bet, so what does he have to do? Thatís actually worth watching, and a good laugh. The movie, is funny, and a classic Teen Flick. A Classic.

These movies didnít make the cut, but only cuase this wasnít a top 12 list. American Pie- a very funny Jason Biggs is introduced. Loser- Also another Jason Biggs classic, playing a loser. In both he co-stars with Mena Suvari. He earns pity points in both, making him the lovable teen guy.

These are Teen Flicks coming to a theater near you so watch for them, or not.
The Princess Diaries- Ann Hathaway
American Pie 2- Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari

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