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A Unique Design – Hang-on to your Squeegee!

Aug 11, 2005 (Updated Oct 8, 2005)
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Pros:lightweight, hangs over shower head or from a hook, leaves no streaks or soap film

Cons:curved head doesn’t fit well under horizontal bar on shower door – handle uncomfortable

The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line keeps looking through the oval hole in this squeegee and repeats again and again: Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who’s the fairest Bottom Line of all?

My old shower squeegee had long passed its prime. The squeegee blade was even migrating off of the squeegee! So I went to the store to prowl the aisles. It’s amazing how many stores don’t sell something as simple as a shower squeegee. But I hit the jackpot at Linen ‘n Things when I discovered not one ... but three different shower squeegees to choose from. That’s where I chose the Casabella Hang-on Squeegee. Did I choose the best one for the job?


The Casabella Hang-on Squeegee has a unique design that immediately captured my attention. The body of the squeegee is a frosted white hard plastic with a black rubber blade. The squeegee has a large 4 1/2" wide x 3 1/8" high oval in the center of the squeegee. This hole allows the squeegee to be hung over the shower head. The stiff squeegee blade is 9 3/4" wide.

This squeegee has a modern appearance. The blade is attached to the head of the squeegee, which is curved in a gentle arc. The back of the squeegee where it attaches to the handle is also curved. The rounded handle is 3 1/4" long x 1 5/8" wide. The underside of the handle is open with a slightly honeycombed interior. A 1/2" x 3/8" hole is located at the end of the handle for hanging from a hook if desired.

Overall, this lightweight squeegee measures 9 3/4" wide x 9" long. The squeegee comes with a piece of cardboard wrapped around the blade. The packaging is printed in both English and French. The manufacturer says this squeegee is designed to clean shower doors, mirrors and tiles.

Our Experiences

Immediately when I brought the squeegee home, I ripped it from its packaging and hung it over the shower head in the bathroom. It looked beautiful. This is my favorite feature. The large oval opening easily allows me to hang the squeegee over the shower head, and the squeegee is well balanced so that it stays atop the shower head. I have never had it fall.

The blade on this squeegee is shorter than the 12"-long blade on my old squeegee. It took me a bit to get used to the shorter width, but I adjusted to swiping the shower door more times. However, the squeegee blade is not a perfect straight line. This is annoying. As I run the stiff rubber blade along the shower door, the blade skips areas, leaving a water trail behind. I have to repeat my cleaning sweeps with the squeegee to eliminate all the water.

The shower door has a horizontal handle across its middle. The Casabella Hang-on Squeegee has a curved head. My old squeegee was flat with no arc. Since the Casabella squeegee is arced, it does not fit beneath the horizontal bar across the shower door. I have to maneuver the squeegee just right to clean beneath the bar, and it requires several passes with the squeegee to remove all the water. One great thing about this squeegee is that it does not leave streaks on the shower door. It also removes soap film.

You are probably wondering how comfortable the handle is to hold. While this squeegee is lightweight, the handle is a bit wide for my large hand. Also, the back of the handle, where my fingers rest as I hold it, is not a solid piece of plastic. The back of the handle is a meshwork of rigid plastic straight lines. I don’t know why it is designed this way. These rigid pieces of plastic are not comfortable to hold.

Since the squeegee blade is not perfectly straight, and leaves water behind when cleaning ... I have experimented with several ways to hold the squeegee for optimum cleaning. The way that works best for me is to hold the handle with the rubber squeegee blade resting against the shower door. I then place my other hand in the center of the plastic near the blade. While moving the squeegee with one hand, I apply a slight pressure to the center of the squeegee with the other hand. This causes the rubber blade to flatten out a bit and clean much better.

When I purchased this Casabella Hang-on Squeegee, the design appealed to me so much that I also bought one for my mother. So I asked her how she liked her squeegee. Like me, she appreciates the unique design. She has a vinyl-coated wire shower organizer in her shower that hangs over the shower head. Using the smaller hole in the end of the handle, she hangs the squeegee from one of the vinyl-coated wires designed to hold hanging items. Her shower door also has a horizontal bar, and she finds it difficult to clean beneath the bar with this squeegee. Her biggest complaint is the squeegee handle, though. She finds it horribly uncomfortable to hold.

Update -- October 8, 2005

My mother gave me her Casabella Hang-on Squeegee the other day. She hates it. "I'm sorry," she said. "I tried to like it. But I hate the way it cleans. It doesn't work well. I'm glad I kept my old squeegee." I see what my mother means, though. I agree ... this squeegee doesn't clear water as well as my old squeegee did. Since this squeegee failed the Mother Test, I'm reducing my rating to three stars.

So what about the competition?

Perhaps you are wondering what my other two choices were for bathroom squeegees at Linen ‘n Things. The least expensive squeegee cost $2.99. It resembled my old squeegee in that it was a flat design with a long blade about 12" long ... all business, no style. However, this new squeegee blade was constructed from cheap, floppy rubber.

The other choice was the Oxo squeegee. I like Oxo products. However, this squeegee was priced at $7.99. The Oxo squeegee has a smaller length blade (about 8" long). It is white with a black handle and blade. This squeegee has a suction-cup holder to mount the squeegee to a shower door or tile wall. I have never had luck with suction-cups adhering to the surfaces in my bathroom. Inevitably the suction-cupped item ends up in the bottom of the bathtub after it falls. So with the smaller squeegee blade and the suction-cup feature, plus the higher price tag, I opted not to buy the Oxo model.


The Casabella Hang-on Squeegee cost $4.99 at Linen ‘n Things. sells this squeegee for $4.69.


Am I happy with this Casabella Hang-on Squeegee? Yes and no. I love the unique design and how it hangs over the shower head. The squeegee stays balanced and has only fallen once due to my carelessness. It is also lightweight and easy to use. However, the squeegee has an arc to it that makes it difficult to wipe water from beneath the horizontal bar on the shower door. Also the rubber blade on this squeegee is not completely straight. Considering my choices at the time (and how difficult it was to find a bathroom squeegee), I’m happy with my purchase.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Additional Information

400 Corporate Drive
Biauvelt, NY 10913

Toll-free Phone: 800-841-4140 x117
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST

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Copyright 2005 Dawn L. Stewart

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