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Aug 5, 2001

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The Bottom Line They make for a neat, space saving combo.

I was looking around for a small (13”) TV and a
VCR to add to a guest bedroom. After much hemming
and hawing, many store comparisons etc. I finally
decided on a GE. Model no 13TVR62/19TVR62
TV/VCR combination. Why ? Because I'm familiar
with the GE brand, it came in White or Black casing
had all the features I could want and the price was
right ($185.00 after tax).

I always wondered why someone would want an
“all-in-one” unit. After all, VCR prices have gone
way down, TV prices followed suit. I’ve heard the usual
arguments that if one of the units went south, so did
the other, but I finally got it (duh ?).

When I tried to figure out where I’d place the TV and
VCR, where the wiring would go, where the electrical
outlets were, and the logistical nightmare this could present,
I realized that space is the key. (O.K., so I’m not
the sharpest tool in the shed).

With limited space, a unit that only needs a TV stand,
night stand or one shelf is extremely helpful. This set
is the same size as any standard 13” TV and requires
no more than a regular TV stand. The wiring is as
simple as it gets. 1 to your outlet and 1 to your cable
line. That’s it.

There are Audio/Video inputs in the front and back of
this unit. Take your basic VCR and all of its functions
and they are all included in this unit. Nothing special
but all you will need. It is “full featured” and includes closed
captioning, sleep timer, wake-up timer, parental controls (V chip),
commercial skip, setting limits according to ratings, etc.

The remote control is a pleasure. All functions,
including playing tapes, recording, the timers,
screen and video options can all be done remotely
from this one unit.

Everything you need is “on screen” which makes it
easy for me. If it wasn’t this easy, I’d have to hire
a tech just to set it up and change channels ! I am
worse than any stereotyped woman out there when
it comes to setting timers, programming etc.

I NEED SIMPLE ! Simple set-up and simple directions.
This unit has it, which made me a very happy camper.

All-in-all, this GE unit is perfect. Easy to operate,
space saving and excellent quality in playback
and normal TV viewing. All the bells and whistles
included in separate TV and VCR units. If it will
stand the test of time and normal use, is yet to be

Right now, I am totally satisfied with this TV/VCR.

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