Keller Geister - German Rhine White - Fugghedaboudit

Aug 8, 2001

The Bottom Line Not a bad wine at all - hard working and tasty.

Having had a long eventful day writing software for surly Natural Gas Traders and several joyful conversations with the notorious Joydrop, I am ready for my favorite German White. Joydrop corrected me as I was writing this and wanted me to mention that Keller Geister is not really my favorite German White, but perhaps LamboLucifer is.

Some Stats
This is an olden, long-drinking wine of mine, I used to find it in Fort Worth, and then I have tracked it down here in Tulsa town, at a funky little liquor store off Memorial, near Fontana at 51st street, behind Egg Roll Express. Keller Geister – White German Rhine wine. This is a 1998, and contains 8.5% alcohol by volume; it also has some little cherubs on the cover. The cherubs have grape leaves of some kind in front of their crotches, unnecessary if we are to believe Dogma.

Tonight’s Mob Movie…
I began drinking this light and sparkling white earlier, and it is now starting to relax my very shoulders, which is always the purpose, and I have on Donnie Brasco, and have fired up a couple of tasty Marlboros. Why is it that I always watch mob movies when I start knocking back the vino? Fugghedaboudit…see, now Sonny Black just was upped, he is the boss now, and Donnie has his hooks deep into Lefty Half-cock. They are all drinking a whole lot harder than I am and that is a fact.

The Wine Itself
This wine is a nice, light golden color with a sparkling fizz and nice consistency. Pouring it in the glass, the bubbles didn’t go screaming up the sides in Champagne fashion, but there was a nice carbonated sense to it. It has a nice flavor, a little sweet, but not overtly so. It reminds me a little of apples and that sort of sour, white grape juice that Welch’s makes – tangy and tart as well. The taste is reminiscent of a Sour Apple Jolly Rancher though, sparkling and fresh.

I have chilled it considerably and so it has a very nice bite in my mouth. The after taste is not at all unpleasant, with a lingering taste of the grape and a clean feeling. I have always very much enjoyed the taste of this wine. The nose is a little bitter, it does jump out at me from the glass, and while I did not snort it, I certainly cannot explain where so much of it is going.

This wine is a hard worker, to be honest. It never disappoints me, with a consistency that I find refreshing. I can always rely on the taste, the buzz and the good times.

Where has it all gone?
I paid $11 for this 1.5 Liter bottle – which I believe the little cherubs are sneaking glasses of – as it is rapidly disappearing, and now Sonny Black is whacking out some guy they are robbing, and it all seems quite clever, but how is Donny going to explain being present during murders? I’ll tell you, he is going to have a big, fat glass of Keller Geister and just explain to his bosses that he needs to quit them and join the mob he is falling in love with…sometimes Fugghedaboudit just means Fugghedaboudit.

This is not a bad wine by any means; I serve it with summer meals, salads, or chicken. It is a decent enough table wine, but not fancy by a stretch. I had mine with chicken breasts, rice pilaf, and some nice salad tonight and of course with the rat Donny Brasco. Don't hesitate to bring this one home after work, and unwind with a decent wine.

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