This band should be renamed to the Corey Taylor band.

Sep 12, 2005
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Pros:Catchy beats, Corey Taylor's singing. Decent lyrics.

Cons:Instumentals are a little repetitive and basic. Not the worlds most talented.

The Bottom Line: This album is great, best rock album I've heard in a while. Best- Choose,Monolith,Inhale,Bother Worst- Idle Hands

Any frequent Slipknot listener has probably heard of Stone Sour. And anyone who has heard the premise of the band has probably been interested in it. A band lead by Corey Taylor where he mainly sings. Was something like this possible?

Stone Sour is Corey Taylor’s band, they play for Corey Taylor, people listen to them for Corey Taylor, and all the other members of this (5 piece, I think) band are quite happy to sit back and not get noticed as Corey Taylor reaches a higher level of stardom.

The Band is structured around Taylor’s vocals. Basically they’ve hired a couple of monkeys to play simple guitar riffs, and more simple minded monkey to drum with the hi-hat - hi-hat - hi-hat - hi-hat and snare, generic beat for pretty much every song. Just so Taylor can sing to these rather simple tunes.

It’s true, this band wouldn’t have made it out of Iowa without the Slipknot front man. Musically the band isn’t really skilled. The vocals are brilliant and that’s pretty much all that this band has going for it. Still the final result is highly enjoyable.

Speaking of getting out of Iowa, they’ve taken a while to do it. They’ve been releasing demo’s since 1992, and this was released in 2002. Stone Sour has seen 10 years of pain as their local competitors Slipknot have exploded into the public eye. So this album has been a long time coming from them.

I’ve discovered that lots of people have called them too slipknotish; that they are like slipknot without the speed, extreme heaviness, energy and profanity.

Now can anyone else see how stupid that sounds? What is slipknot other than speed, extreme heaviness, energy and profanity?

That’s one thing I need to point out, this band is nothing like slipknot. And many slipknot fans may be let down when hoping to hear an album of Wait and Bleed’s after reading other opinions on this album. This album would have to fight to be considered a metal album.

Really other than “Get Inside” and “Tumult” the album is rock which switches from soft rock, to normal level rock, to hard rock. They even sound a little punkish on occasion. Honestly Wait and Bleed is much heavier than any of the songs on this album.

If you’ve done any reading around you’ve probably been mislead into thinking that this is another screaming fit. Sure, Taylor still screams at some stages, but there’s no real crazy screaming at any stage. I really can’t see where people have gotten their ideas of this being full of Taylor’s screaming vocals. This album is mainly singing.

Staying on the subject of vocals, Corey’s vocals are generally not as good as what they are on an acoustic song from Slipknot’s Vol 3: (the subliminal verses). Most of the time it’s closer to what you would see in “Me Inside” from the 1997 Slipknot album. So don’t start thinking that the singing will be the worlds most spectacular. It’s still very good though.

Track One: Get Inside
Probably the heaviest song on the album. It has a heavy intro, which leads onto rapped verses, which goes into a sung pre-chorus. Onto the screamed and ever witty chorus of “Get inside – Get inside (Mother f*cker)/ Get inside – Get inside (Mother f*cker)/Get inside – Get inside (Mother f*cker)”
There’s even a little solo in there, which isn’t my thing but it’s not played badly. This song really isn’t like any others on the album.
Rating: 7.5/10

Track 2. Orchids.
This is one of the first songs I heard of the album. It’s a very good song really. And not unlike what most of the album is going to be like. The majority of the song is well sung and sounds very melodic. And like most of the album the screaming is brought into the chorus. But it’s still mainly sung. Which is quite enjoyable. The lyrics aren’t too bad either. Good song.
Rating: 9.4/10

Track 3. Cold Reader
Yeah this song’s verses have pretty much the same riff in them. Well sung again, but this time there’s like a little Spanish sounding pre-chorus, with the way that I’d like Corey to sing more often. With his big voice where he holds some notes and really sings. The lyrics are good until the Chorus where they drop off. And yes, Taylor screams it.
Rating: 9.5/10

Track 4. Blotter
After a nice enough bass intro Taylor kicks into some vocals which are unlike anything he’s ever done. He death metal shrieks “I” or “It” or “Is” or whatever the hell he’s saying. This time the verses or oddly screamed or at least sung with a raised voice. He only sings the pre-chorus and a little bit near the end in which he sounds a little punkish in his voice. The lyrics are a little lacking throughout this one. The chorus is a simple “Incredible and Chemical” Scream. That gets done over a few times.
Rating: 7.5/10

Track 5. Choose
This one is one of my favourites. The next few songs are all great. After a really cool riff, Taylor starts singing some good lyrics with his great voice. The chorus while simplistic is catchy and well controlled in a voice which is held somewhere between a big voice and screaming.
Rating: 10/10

Track 6. Monolith
Stone sour has had this one sitting around for a while. And I have to say that I’m glad they didn’t omit it from this album. His verse singing is average but it has some good volume changes. Plus the Chorus is where all the work went into. Great lyrics, better vocals, drumming and guitar n’ bass work that does the job. It’s a brilliant chorus. “And I hear my wants and needs again, can you help me? / And I hear a different kind again, can you stop me? / And I feel the strain inside my mind, am I crazy? / And I need to shed my skin, reveal this monolith within” The little solo isn’t bad either. Even if it’s not my style.
Rating: 10/10

Track 7. Inhale
Yep, this one’s getting 10/10 too. This section of the album is fantastic. This is one of the only songs where Taylor shows off the true strengths of his voice, despite the lyrics only being average. But the chorus, where he lets his voice get really strong and holds notes, has some good lyric work. “the inhale that makes the exhale so much better” I find that a very good line. This songs has a little screaming in it and the two lines after it are the only part of the song where Taylor’s voice has a small mistake. In his last raising call of “Someone tell me” he makes the “me” sound really ugly. That’s the only negative in a great song.
Rating: 10/10

Track 8. Bother
Oh yes, the famous Bother. The first taste of acoustic Corey anyone ever had. And it’s pretty good, some verse lyrics leave a little to be desired but overall it’s pretty well written. There are really no major flaws in this song. As you can see, Taylor can sing very, very well.
Rating 10/10

Track 9. Blue Study
I know what you’re saying, FOUR 10/10’s IN A ROW, SHOE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Are they that good? Not to worry this song’s not quite as good as the last couple, but still it’s close. The main let down is the chorus, it’s lyrically inferior to the rest of the song, and a little repetitive, yet a little catchy. The rest of the song is great though. Yeah this is Jim Root’s solo in here too. It actually sounds a little distorted and scrappily. And the last closing bit’s not that great either.
Rating: 9.5/10

Track 10. Take a Number
Yet another piece of brilliance from Taylor. You may have noticed that I rarely say Stone Sour, but Taylor instead. That is because Taylor is the band. Everyone else is just backing up what he want’s to do. The Verses are a little flat for my tastes but the chorus is blindingly catchy. This would make a good little single as it is very mainstream sounding. Not what you’d expect from a band that wants to be considered hard rock/metal.
Rating: 9.8/10

Track 11. Idle Hands
Finally a flop. Here the band tries to become a little more metal again. It just sounds all over place and Taylor sucks on this one. Yeah, the band can’t function without him firing. The chorus sounds like a punk rock band meets back street boys in the vocals. Not enjoyable. The decent lyrics aren’t even intelligible.
Rating: 4/10

Track 12. Tumult
To close out the album Stone Sour have decided to give metal one more throw. And it’s not bad at all. Lyrics suck, but Taylor’s vocals are good, despite getting sampled over quite a lot. The chorus, it’s just “IT’S IMPROBABLE” over and over again. The end kinda drags away which is a pity. Another does of the lyrical masterpiece of a chorus wouldn’t have gone astray
Rating 9/10

Track 13 Omega
No music, no singing. Just Taylor talking about Government, the meaning of life and other stuff. Not exactly a positive outlook, but thought provoking nonetheless. I honestly can’t rate this. It’s too different and odd. I enjoy it, but I can’t say to what extent.
Rating: Can’t Rate

Total: 106.2/120

Stone sours Debut album is really a stunner. It only has the one bad song and 4 beauties. And 5 others figure in the 9’s. The mid section of the album is probably the best run of songs on any album I’ve heard.

This is a rock genre album so metal heads may score this one lower. Or some people may not be able to handle any amount of rock. So it is dependent on what you like. These people are my kind of rock. Even if it is the vocals that drives the entire album and the music is basic usually.

Anyways, buy this or die.

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