Nikon 8800 Disappointing

Sep 15, 2005
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Pros:It has produced some amazing pictures Good battery life Tilting LCD screen

Cons:Very slow to do everything Noisey in an audio sense Disappointing video quality.

The Bottom Line: If you are a patient deaf person with a passion for photography this is the camera for you. But for those less tolerate there is probably a better option.

I have a Canon S1IS which I love, but I wanted to produce bigger prints so decided to upgrade to the 8800. In hindsight I wish I had held out longer and made a bigger jump to a digital SLR probably the Canon 350.

I have 2 main complaints about the 8800, it's very slow to do everything (start up, zoom in, take the picture, change mode etc) and I find it rubbish in low light conditions and generally indoors.

I also have 1 minor complaint which is the amount of audio noise it makes, I'm used to the virtual silence of my Canon.

Whilst I'm on the bad stuff, I have only owned the 8800 for 3 months and it's already broken and had to be returned to the manufacturer. It hasn't been dropped or been damaged in anyway and it out of the blue produced 'lens error' and wouldn't do anything. I have been waiting 3 weeks already and have heard nothing.

I was also disappointed with the movie mode, again because of comparisons with the S1IS, the 8800 may as well not have bothered.

On the plus side, it takes fabulous shots which at the end of the day is the most important thing a camera must do. It also has some handy features including the tilting LCD screen.

The 8800 fits nicely into the hand. Controls are well placed, but it's a shame you have to scroll through menus so much. You can customise your own menu to a degree, but I find I can't fit all the options on that I want so I still have to scroll about.

As for whether I would recommend it, probably not. I think there are better cameras out there for similiar cost with similar features, however it depends what you are after. If it's your first decent digital camera you will undoubtly be impressed.

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