200 Tips To Make Traveling With The Kids Easier

Aug 10, 2001

The Bottom Line 200 tips on traveling with kids, can you think of any more I have forgotten?

Wow, my 200th Epinion! To commemorate this special occasion, I have decided to let you know my 200 ideas on how to keep the hair on your head while traveling with the kids! Some of these are tips, some of these are ideas, and some are just some great and fun things to do with your kids on vacation that you may not have thought of. Take a big deep breath and read away! (They are in no order of priority.)

200. Plan months or years in advance.
199. Take children's ages into consideration.
198. Decide on what THEY would like too!
197. Keep the trip simple.
196. Plan out hotels that are kid-friendly.
195. Remember that cheap is not always best for the kids.
194. Remember to choose your battles when it gets tense.
193. Pack snacks they are used to from home.
192. Pick them out a new toy to keep them busy in car/plane.
191. Set up a system for the kids to make their own money.
190. Match the money they make and let them spend it.
189. Find places that offer reliable daycare services.
188. Find balance for you and the kids.
187. Bring a portable t.v. for long trips in the car.
186. Plan rest stops along the way.
185. Take weather into consideration.
184. Always take head count when you leave a place.
183. Go in strange places in pairs-never let the kids alone.
182. Make packing a fun activity.
181. Give the kids disposable cameras to use on their own.
180. Always have a meeting place when at your destination.
179. Agree on a secret password as a family for safety.
178. Use sunscreen as much as possible- red kids are cranky!
177. Research the safety of places.
176. Make time for the kids to rest or nap.
175. Buy sunglasses at home-more expensive on the road!
174. Hold children's hands in large and crowded areas.
173. Keep track of what your kids wear every day of trip.
172. Make your children aware of situations with strangers.
171. Give them hip sacks to carry things easier.
170. Bring strollers from home to avoid rental charges.
169. Tie a ribbon on your stroller to find it easier.
168. Get your kids interested in collecting souveneirs.
167. Do activities that involve all family members.
166. Don't let teenage kids run off to do their own thing.
165. Set out the ground rules before you ever leave home.
164. Make a back-up plan for hotel problems.
163. Allow time for just play time for the kids.
162. Check your patience with your spouse, not the kids.
161. Talk out problems with your kids, do not avoid them.
160. Plan surprises for the kids along the way.
159. Set a food budget for the trip.
158. Discuss proper manners for a plane trip.
157. Be early and ready for plane departures.
156. Have children's items packed the night before.
155. Children should bring a comfort item from home.
154. Remember life jackets for fishing or boating trips.
153. Bring kids pillows from home to help them sleep better.
152. Have gas tank full so it's one less stop when leaving.
151. Bring all pool gear that your kids know how to use.
150. Avoid things that will cause you to get off track.
149. Be prepared for unexpected things to happen.
148. Infants should be taken out frequently on road trips.
147. Make children aware of consequences when they act up.
146. New coloring books and crayons are always a hit!
145. Have travel desks available to make playing easier.
144. Create travel games for the entire family to play.
143. Bug Spray is a must where ever you plan on traveling!
142. Keep your daughter's hair up in hot conditions.
141. Have back-up plan for vehicle problems.
140. Kids should write down their interests for the trip.
139. Have them keep a journal of their adventures.
138. Don't let educational opportunities slip by!
137. Stock up on diapers and wipes before the trip.
136. Pack a diaper bag every morning to replace used items.
135. Check places that have discounts for children.
134. Pack enough outfits for kids who can get VERY messy!
133. Children's shoes should be broken in and NOT new.
132. Eat at off times during the day to avoid crowds.
131. Take advantage of kid swap theme parks.
130. Children should know their address and phone number.
129. Teen age children should be held accountable on trips.
128. Teach your children to respect those around them.
127. Learn to laugh when it get's rough.
126. Listen to what your children have to say.
125. Remember important medications and even the aspirin.
124. Help children catch up with homework before you leave.
123. Let older children plan some of the trip.
122. Bring board games for rest stops to ease the tension.
121. Safety first, enjoyment second.
120. Respect your children's opinions and discuss them.
119. Bring child's pillow from home for plane ride.
118. Let your child video tape the family or places you go.
117. Always walk your child to an Airport bathroom.
116. Address temper tantrums right away.
115. Don't yell at your children in public-take them aside.
114. Answer their questions about the trip.
113. Keep children hydrated in humid situations.
112. Remember the beaches by keeping a small bag of sand.
111. Collect postcards for the kids to send to friends.
110. Set aside time for you so that you stay positive.
109. Making waiting for the plane an adventure by exploring.
108. Check and re-check your kids luggage before leaving.
107. Take hand wipes along for all situations.
106. Let the kids pay the tolls with your change.
105. Pray every night and morning as a family.
104. Discuss their favorite things of the day over supper.
103. Take a late night swim with your child.
102. Play on a playground at night- swing with the stars!
101. Keep things organized in the car for easier access.
100. Supply their favorite books by surprise!
99. Buy a a new outfit for your kids before the trip.
98. Let your children use travel size soaps for just them.
97. Bring a CD Walkman so they can listen to their fav CD.
96. Bring plenty of pens- they always seem to lose them!
95. Be aware of public pools and their chlorine level.
94. Watch your children at all times at Water Parks.
93. Do not give to much responsibility to a small child.
92. Have garbage bags handy for the kid's area of the car.
91. Bring flashlights and extra batteries.
90. Don't force activities on a child.
89. Treat every moment as if it is your last with them.
88. Watch the type of swim suit your teenager wears.
87. Allow privacy for the older kids at times.
86. Make meal decisions as a family.
85. Don't be afraid to tell your children of the budget.
84. Be patient with toddlers and learn to breathe.
83. Bring back-packs for easy carrying at places and such.
82. Pack rain gear and umbrellas in your vehicle.
81. Praise your children for the great decisions they make.
80. Try to move on after hard moments and look to the next.
79. Comfort children when nervous on plane rides.
78. Keep them busy on a plane ride.
77. Play luggage games at the luggage carousel.
76. Use your imagination and put yourself in their shoes.
75. Repeat times and places so they remember in case.
74. Don't rely on other's water-bring your own.
73. Always change your infant in a sanitary enviroment.
72. Never leave your kids alone in the vehicle.
71. Introduce them to new smells and food.
70. Tell them about your childhood trips.
69. Keep your expectations of them at a decent level.
68. Tell them every moment how much you are having fun.
67. Treat hotel nights like fun sleep-over parties.
66. Rent a fun family movie in your hotel room.
65. Order room service like you are royalty.
64. Buy newspapers at each town for some fun reading.
63. Have children's I.D.'s made before the trip.
62. Give more compliments than criticizm.
61. Bring battery operated fans for the hot places.
60. Bring every TYPE of clothing-you never know.
59. Feed bread crumbs to seagulls at the rest stops.
58. Try to eat as healthy as possible.
57. Have a picnic ready for a rest stop for something new.
56. Avoid constant caffeine (sodas) for kids.
55. Stock up on juice drinks for in and out of places.
54. Be positive if it rains and ask them for alternatives.
53. Avoid road trips in the winter- to many car problems.
52. Bring air matresses when camping for better sleep.
51. Have gum handy to reduce ear pressure in planes.
50. Ask Flight Attendant for "wings" for your child.
49. Get kids to bed at a reasonable hour to avoid fatigue.
48. Surprise your kids from phone calls from Characters.
47. Give the kids their own special water bottles for trip.
46. Lunchables are great little meals for trips.
45. Avoid driving through the night.
44. Make a train ride an adventure for them.
43. Take kids where you went as a child.
42. Feed the Dolphins at Marine Theme Parks.
41. Encourage your children in all of your activities.
40. Bring Stain Removal packets.
39. Bring playpen for small children to play and lay in.
38. Bring cold packs for food and for headaches.
37. Keep handy a small sewing kit for emergencies.
36. Make a game that involves billboard signs.
35. Cover kids seat with spill covers to keep seats clean.
34. Bring fresh and extra toothbrushes.
33. Let kids sleep during night hours of driving.
32. Provide cup holders for kids to prevent messes.
31. Keep matches locked up and out of children's reach.
30. Make children aware of ticks when camping.
29. Remind children to throw trash away and respect nature.
28. Keep a small cooler for the children's drinks only.
27. Wagon's are great fun for kids to enjoy the sights in.
26. Give older kids watches to wear so they know the time.
25. Baseball caps are a great way to keep the sun out.
24. Keep a First-Aid Kit handy.
23. Keep a cell-phone on you at all times.
22. Make sure your calling plan extends to other places.
21. Bring garbage bags for dirty laundry.
20. Keep a fresh supply of washcloths available in the car.
19. Bring plenty of extra bibs for infants.
18. Buy tickets from agencies and not corner stands.
17. Don't make promises you can't keep.
16. With every negative remark, respond with 10 positive.
15. Keep a note pad handy for notes along the way.
14. Have kids collect wild flowers from places to press.
13. Talk about where you would like to go on next trip.
12. Review your choice of trip on the Net with kids.
11. Remember to bring a night light for the little ones.
10. Bring eyeglass or contact items for you and the kids.
9. Bring Smore items for around the campfire.
8. Have kids make check-lists of what they pack.
7. Make a game of checking hotel room before check-out.
6. Play "Holiday Road" when taking a car trip.
5. Pack plenty of beach towels.
4. Pretend to look for dinosaur bones when camping.
3. Prepare children for metal detectors at airports.
2. Provide book lights for reading in the car or in bed.
1. Use walkie-talkies when separating in large areas.

I hope you have enjoyed my 200 tips on how to make traveling not only easier, but maybe even a bit more fun and safe with the kids as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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