Open Ended Art For Toddlers

Aug 11, 2001

The Bottom Line Enjoy open ended art projects with your toddlers. Who knows, you may be fostering the creativity of the next Einstein.

Having been a pre-school teacher for twelve years and a home daycare provider for four years, I am a big advocate of open ended art projects. By open ended I mean each child's project shows their own unique and original talents. I feel there is a place for what I call "cookie cutter" projects; projects where everyone's finished project looks the same. These projects are good for guiding children through the process of sequencing and following directions. Skills they must learn to survive as productive adults. but these skills do nothing to foster the creativity necessary to encourage our inventors and developers of the future. These are two very simple art projects for very young pre-school children. The investment in materials in relatively cheap

Sticker Collage.

Kids love stickers. You need construction paper and a few packages of stickers. Help your child remove the stickers from the sheet and place them on a piece of construction paper.

Contact paper collage.

Buy a roll of clear contact paper. Cut a piece and tape it to the table you will be working on , sticky side up. Your child can easily make a collage with any kind of material that will stick to the contact paper. When you are finished, cut another piece of contact paper the same size and place it on top of the first one and seal the two together. These then can be made into placemats or can be cut into decorative shapes hung from some yarn & used as suncatchers.

The stickers can be bought on clearance, especially holiday themed and seasonal ones.

The collage materials can be fabric scraps, ribbons and ricrac left over from sewing projects cut into interesting shapes. The confetti can be made from assorted pieces of colored paper, metalic paper or wrapping paper. I recommend investing in a few hole punches or various shapes. They average between $4-$6 each, but you will find many uses for them and the investment is well worth it.

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