Baby Q Is An Excellent Buy

Oct 6, 2005
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Pros:Portable, Decent Quality, Performs Like A Big Grill, Good Price

Cons:Ignition System, No work area

The Bottom Line: It's an excellent buy, it's portable and a great grill performer.

During the spring, I began to research portable gas grills to take on the road to football games as well as on our beach vacations during the summer.

I was aware of the Coleman Roadtrip series of portable gas grills that fold up and roll on wheels. I actually wanted to purchase one but they were back-ordered for weeks and were somewhat expensive ($180). So, being faced with having no grill for the summer/football grilling season, I checked out Weber’s web site to see if they had any portable gas grills and that’s where I found the Baby Q line.

Mobility - The grill is very portable. It has a small footprint. It easily fits in the back of a car and/or on a shelf in the garage when not in use. It’s not heavy to lift. It has large plastic handles to grip when moving. It is also easy to setup and begin using.

Quality - The construction is solid but not awkward. The plastic handles are rugged. The base sits firmly on the ground when the substantial top is swung open. (grill doesn’t tip over!!) There is a drip tray underneath like most Weber gas grills that is foil based. The drip tray locks in place and slides out for easy replacement. The burner knob is quite large and easy to grip. It also is very precise and requires little effort to make adjustments to the flame.

Performance - Just like the big guys, the grill surface is cast iron. It is heavy duty and gets hot quickly. It cooks food wonderfully and even sears the food like a big grill. The grill can easily barbeque enough food for 2-4 people on a roadtrip. I’ve prepared flavorful burgers, dogs, steaks, chicken and corn on this grill. The grill surface cleanup is easy with a stiff brush and can be removed for additional cleaning.

Ignition System - I would agree with other reviews, the ignition system is flaky. At times, it starts on 1 or 2 pushes, while other times, it takes 7-10 pushes. While you are waiting to start, the precious gas is leaking out. It is also hard to see if the gas is burning as a visual check because you have to look under the grill surface to see the gas jets. When on the road, take a barbeque lighter as a backup. On windy days, it’s easier to take out the grill surface and light the gas using a barbeque lighter.

Work Areas – There are no side working areas. I guess I’m spoiled with my Genesis C. It is awkward to work without some type of surface. You end up placing the grill along with the food, dishes, etc. on the ground and working from there. There is no spot to hang or place the cooking utensils. There is a Baby Q cart that can be purchased which lifts the grill off the ground and provides for some side surfaces but the price is an additional $40. Purchasing the additional cart now makes the grill/cart price around $170 and it’s an another thing you have to bring along.

Notes - I have not had any problems with finding and purchasing the gas canisters. They are the same type of propane canisters that a plumber would use for a torch. I easily found them at our local hardware store (like a True Value or Ace) but are not as common as the camping propane canisters found at Sears or Wal-Mart. The canisters last about 1.5 hours on high. Also, you have to be careful when screwing the canisters in. Because of the angle, the grill needs to be slightly elevated to properly mate with the threads on the canister.

Overall, the grill is excellent and serves the purpose of having a portable, gas grill. It cooks food nicely for 2-4 people. You get Weber quality in addition to portability. I paid $125 at our local appliance store. It came unassembled which took me about 20 minutes to assemble. There is no need to spend $180 for a RoadTrip or a Weber Q. The Baby Q works great and is an excellent buy.

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