Feels Like Lightning Running Through My Veins....

Aug 13, 2001

The Bottom Line Hard work is paying off for this wonderful songwriter.

The mood on Market Street outside the Warfield Theatre was one of eager anticipation as hordes of concert goers mingled with friends, sipped beers, and waited for the start of the first of two sold-out San Francisco tour dates, May 22-23, with David Gray. Scalpers were asking up to $100 per ticket for one of the most anticipated shows to hit the Warfield in months. Riding the strength of the hit singles Babylon and Please Forgive Me, David Gray had sold out both shows in minutes months earlier.

Being one of the lucky few with tickets I crossed under the marquee, headed inside, grabbed a beer and settled in to wait for the start of the show. As the houselights went down, the crowd erupted as David and his band strolled on to the stage with shy grins crossing their faces.

The show started with Sail Away, a mellow tune from David's most recent album, White Ladder. With David Gray's sudden meteoric rise to stardom here in the U.S, most fans had only heard a limited number of his songs from the White Ladder album. This led to a fairly unresponsive audience most of the evening as fans reacted favorably to anything from the White Ladder album, but were indifferent to everything else.

David Gray has built a large fan base in England with endless concert touring. This was evident throughout the evening despite the lackluster audience. All of the material played throughout the evening was delivered with astute showmanship and a true sense of musical style. Trading off between his acoustic guitar and a large grand piano, David mixed his softer melodic tunes with his get down and boogie numbers like a true expert never allowing the audience to tune out.

Less than thirty minutes into the first set he played "Babylon", the hit single from his most recent album. The crowd went crazy and I gained a whole new respect for David Gray. Here was a guy that was making a living off this single in the U.S., and he was willing to play it so early in his set as if to say, there is a lot more where that came from so you better pay attention.

Songs from the White Ladder album as well as Davidís second album, Sell Sell Sell, dominated most of the evening.

He ended his set with Please Forgive Me, which whipped the crowd into frenzy with its clap along beat and had everyone buzzing as the stage turned dark. After two minutes of deafening roar, the band returned to the stage with appreciative smiles. The encore was five songs long and included a butt shaking Late Night Radio.

As David Gray builds a bigger fan base with fans who are more familiar with his earlier material, I am sure the audience will catch up to the energy David Gray puts out every single night. There is a true master at work here as the U.S. fanbase is just beginning to find out.

Sail Away
White Ladder
Real Love
This Year's Love
Flame Turns Blue
We're Not Right
Say Hello Wave Goodbye - Gathering Dust
Please Forgive Me

Silver Lining
My Oh My
Late Night Radio
Faster, Sooner, Now
All the Love

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