Hobos Have All The Fun

Aug 14, 2001 (Updated Nov 3, 2002)

The Bottom Line This is probably one of the most fun ideas I've ever thought up. It's a little crazy, but worth it because its fun being a hobo.

I recently had a birthday party, it was just three days ago. I came up with my idea after having a dream about a hobo party where everyone dressed up as a hobo and slept in tents at night. It actually wasn't as much a birthday party as a regular party. I put it on so I could see all of my friends before everyone goes to college in the next few days. Rather than feel sad that everyone is leaving and having a good bye party, a hobo party lightens up the mood and just lets everyone goof around and have some good old-fashioned hobo fun.

Another thing that inspired me to go hobo was the season finale of The Simpsons, the greatest show ever made. That episode featured a singing hobo that exchanged tall tales for sponge baths. It was hilarious. But also a little gross.

What I did was invite a bunch of my friends, telling them that I am having a party called "Dress Like a Hobo and Sleep in a Tent Night." To prepare my house for a hobo party I wacked through some brush from my front yard to my backyard, creating an authentic looking hobo trail. I decorated the trail with random hobo items such as some old socks, pop cans, beer cans, and other random trash. On the day of my party I put up a sign with "HOBOS" and an arrow on it to tell my hobo friends to enter the party through the hobo trail. For my regular friends who were not into the idea of dressing up like a hobo I made another sign pointing to my front door that said "NO-BOS." In my backyard I put out a big pickle jar and labeled it the bathroom, I set up my big tent in case anyone wanted to go inside. I didn't really have to worry about decorating much more, because whenever a group of teenagers get together, a big mess is always bound to be made. As the party progresses, the yard will look more and more hobo-ish.

To make the party more authentic I got a barrel and filled it with wood so we could have a fire in it later at night. I also worked on downloading hobo songs for a few days and then I burned all of them onto a CD to play during the party. I used WinMX to get my hobo songs, typing in hobo and getting all songs with "hobo" in the title.

To get some hobo clothes, a good place to shop is Value Village or Goodwill, where they have a huge assortment of hobo style clothing. Or if you look in your dad's closet, you may be surprised to find that your dad used to be a hobo and kept his old outfit as a souvenir.

I tried to think of some hobo games that we could play, but found that harder than I had thought. If I had more time to plan my party then maybe it would have been easier to come up with some hobo activites.

One idea I thought up the night before that turned out to be really entertaining and funny was an activity that gives everyone a hobo name.

What you do is cut up a bunch of notecards so that you have a lot of little cards. Then you give everyone a pen and tell them to write on a bunch of cards some description words such as "crazy," "smelly, "hairy," amd other hobo-like descriptions. Try to put in weird and funny words to enhance the craziness. After you have a bunch of descriptions, tell everyone to now write a bunch of first names and last names. I highly suggest picking last names with "Mc" and then adding a descriptive word like "Stinky" so someone gets the name "McStinky." When everyone is finished, mix all of the cards thoroughly in a hat or something.

Now you pass the hat along to one person at a time, telling them to draw out about three random cards and then reading them in any order they want. That is their hobo name.

Using this kind of game, my friends got hilarious names. Mine was Hairy Scary Cardboard Larry, and there were others like Grunge Hole McStinky, Betty McNipple, Soggy Bottom Bat Bitin' McBottom, M C Winifred Windbag, and others. Some regular hobo names came out of it too, like Boxcar Dixie and Two Tooth Jimmy. Although the more normal names were boring, it was still a lot of fun for everyone to make up a name. After everyone finished creating their names, we wrote them out on big pieces of cardboard and duct taped them to ourselves. My mom took some pictures of everyone and their hobo name signs.

Besides getting a hobo name and decorating your yard with hobo decorations to make it look like a hobo camp, you can think of other stuff to do. I wanted to go out in public with a group of hobos and just see the reaction that people have when they see us. Maybe have people split off into groups and see who can go out and get the most money from begging. Of course the money from begging would go towards a charity though. You can think of tons of stuff to do as a hobo.

Or you can just hang out like we did and swap some hobo tales or just talk about whatever. Anything you do is sure to be fun. That is what I have found out.

Come here to see the results of my Hobo Party! http://www-scf.usc.edu/~bryanttr/hobo.htm

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