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Oct 8, 2005
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Pros:I rented it instead of buying it.

Cons:The whole movie.

The Bottom Line: Boring. Not Tim Burton's style at ALL. Watch it as a comedy, but for all the wrong reasons.

After seeing this movie I had to doublecheck to make sure Tim Burton really was the same guy who did Edward Scissorhands and Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton is well known for his movies that are delightfully quirky, or downright odd. I concluded that he was attached to this project, but for whatever reason, wasn't really directing the movie. It smacks of a control-freak studio attaching a designer name to a project, then wanting it done their way only.

I thought Mark Walberg could have escaped back in time through the holes in the plot they were so large. I've seen better special effects on Star Trek the Next Generation, so I'm not sure why people thought this had good special effects.

The "surprise ending" completely didn't fit the rest of the movie. I felt like the movie ended when Walberg blasted off to go back through the worm hole, then an episode of Twilight Zone started when he landed at Lincoln Memorial. (Of course, how he thought he could go back in time, land exactly where he started, even though the mother ship crashed killing everyone, it makes no sense.)

This movie would have been great, if it was put out in say 1980.

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