Somebody Has Been Sleeping In My Bed, WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!

Aug 14, 2001

The Bottom Line You must have the physical, mental and psychological fortitude to endure this aspect of property management. Only you know for sure.

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When Tenants Break Up

Earlier today I was at one of my properties doing some "busy work". I was approached by "Mr. 1st Floor" who said sheepishly, "Schlamozzel, can I speak with you? It's kinda real important."

"Sure thing. What's up?"

"Well, me and "Miss 1st Floor" are gonna split up 'cause she has been going out and partying and she has (been having physical relations with) this other dude. I'm all upset and I don't want any more problems so I'm gonna go."

With my heart sunk to the floor I immediately consider 3 things:
A) What about the child?
B) Will there be a "PROBLEM" with arguments and fighting or WORSE ?
C) How will "Miss 1st Floor" keep up the rent and utility payments working only part time and with a child?

"Well, "Mr. 1st Floor" I have to tell you this right now. I rented to you BOTH. If for some reason you BOTH can not remain, the both of you must move. Please remember that I have been very good to you two in the past. But I must protect my interests as well. I do not have proof that only one person can pay your rent here. And I certainly do not want someone else to move in without having gone through the complete application process like every other tenant has. Please be out no later than 30 days from today."

When "Miss 1st Floor" returned after we had our chat, she was not very happy with my decision.

You see, part of being a landlord is the need to assess your risk without emotion. You need to decide who goes, who stays, or if (as in this case) both must leave. As difficult as this sounds, you are running a business and can not afford to look at only humanity at this point. You will have bills which must be paid and can not be party to, "Well I can't pay the rent now. How about next week or month?". This is the single most important issue which lies between your success or failure.

I don't know who is right or wrong in this "domestic situation". Break-ups are a sad fact of life. But so too is business.

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