Radio Free Cash is bunk

Aug 15, 2001

The Bottom Line Stay away from Radio Free Cash. It is not worth it.

I joined Radio Free Cash over a year ago and do not recommend it at all. (

How it works: you use their radio bar to listen to various Internet radio stations for compensation.

Internet broadcasting still does not have the best technology and the stations on this radio bar are of a poor quality.

When I first joined, you would listen to this radio bar in order to earn "free CDs." Every month you could earn up to one CD in exchange for listening. From September 2000-December 2000 I listened for 11,184 minutes supposedly earning 4 CDs.

In January 2001, they changed their rules and their format. Instead of earning CDs for listening, you now earn "entries" into a "cash giveaway" they have when you log in and listen. 1 entry for each minute that you listen. They give away cash every day.

Also, since they have changed, there are fewer channels to choose from. Though the radio bar of 2000 was not that great, this one is even worse.

Now, the idea of free CDs (though you can't them anymore) or winning money might seem appealing to you, so here is where the warning comes in.

It has been almost a year and I still have not received my free CDs for the minutes I spent listening. I have numerous emails to their customer service and they have repeatedly ignored my requests or have told me that they will get back to me when they can give me the CD vouchers (for or CDnow)

I have not won anything from their new prize system either.

This is not a recommended service. Keep away from it.

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