Sponge Bob Square Pants Doing The Square Dance...

Aug 18, 2001

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The Bottom Line Dance is the expression of the soul. Dance movies uplift you, and leave you high-kicking.

Thats me, trying to shuffle my way through this review. How challanging, I thought to myself. A self-help motivation, actually. To be a guy, and write a very un-guy review. I thought it might be helpful to my marriage to show my sensitive side :)

Friday nights at our house are movie nights. Whether at the theater, or a few goodies from Hollywood Video, there is always the one common scenerio: The duel between my wife and I as to which movies to get. She always gets these Meg Ryan-Julia Roberts-Barbara Steisand "The Way We Were" kinds. No action, no explosions, no gunfire, no high speed chases. What is a poor guy to do? Sit through 10 hours of Fred Astaire? Hold the kleenex box? Yep..You're right..I Do.

Little to her knowledge, sometimes I have to admit these movies are pretty entertaining. Dancing is tribal. It's manly. Its tough. It takes discipline to tango, and I can see myself someday, growing old, and giving into the waltz. But for know, I will give credit where it belongs, and do my best to Texas Two-Step around it.

And The Winners Are:

10) Saturday Night Fever: John Travolta (In his Vinny Bobarino days) is a struggling talent trying to get a role in a broadway musical, despite interferance from Finola Hughes who is his seductive co star. Despite many trials he never gives up, and leaves you cheering! He Da Man!!!

9) Flashdance: Jennifer Beals is great: Welder by day, dancer by night..She gives a tough and talented performance, also overcoming poverty to get her one big break at an audition. The famous Irene cara song "What A Feeling" leaves you with great 80's power.

8) Annie: My wife is going to split her sides laughing when she reads this because she knows how much I detest Daddy Warbucks and the song "Tommorrow"...Having kids melts your heart though. If they love Annie, she means something to me as well...The dance routines in this early 80's movie staring Albert Finney, Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnette and Tim Curray gives great song and dance rountine, that seem a normal part of the daily routine, and add flavor to an otherwise corny display of emotions.

7) Top Hat: Ah, my dancing hero, Fred Astair. Paired with Ginger Rogers again, one of the 9 dance films they made, is the same silly love story that makes it worth calling a classic. Still using this as dance instructions...

6) Funny Face: Boy, my man Fred Astair gets around town. In this romantic comedy, he is joined with beautiful Audrey Hepburn. It is cute, clever, and she gives a sassy style to their dance routines. Great costumes.

5)Singing In The Rain: The 40's and 50's really pulled on heart strings, and lifted lazy feet with the motion pictures of its time. This famous soft shoe gave a brillant performance, in a witty, romantic, give-it-all-or-nothing unique twirl of a ride.

4) Save The Last Dance: Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas and their heartbreaking romantic tale of realizing your dreams. The passions they have in their hopes and talents, and in each other, turn a rap ballet performance that is deep and emotional and triumphant. Great film!

3) Shall We Dance?: Had to sneak in one more Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers...How can I not with the talent? Dance movies were started with them. They always captivate the audiance with daring moves and charming and zany twists.

2) Footloose: Kick off your Sunday shoes! You didnt forget about Kevin Bacon, the new boy in town did you? How he had to dance in private because swinging was illegal in that small country town? Or Lori Singer, the preachers daughter, wild and dancing her soul out, breaking out of her fathers strong arm? These kids can boogie! Funny, sweet film.

1) Dirty Dancing: Last but not least, Johnney and Baby.. The swinging 60's, bad boy meets rich girl, teachers her to dance while her family is on vacation and he works as a dance instructor. What transforms between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey outside of dance lessons, teaches them about passion, love, honesty, and being real.

I hope you guys out there arent hurting already..
These movies are fun, and gives you a break from the routine of gore and cop/robbers for a change.

Put your clog shoes on...The Riverdance is here.....

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