Shifting without clutch

Aug 20, 2001

The Bottom Line Driving technique that gives you advantage when accelerating

If you are seriously thinking about learning to learn some racing techniques I would like to give you advice on shifting without clutch.
First thing is that you have to find car with manual transmission. Preferably older Audi (83-88) or older BMW (83-89). If you break their transmission it will not be so painful for your wallet. Also their transmission is very good for shifting tricks. If you take Japanese car it is quite possible that you will brake down it's transmission. It is very useful to have tachometer also.
For the beginning find some quite road without traffic and corners.

And let's start:
1) Make 1st gear as you would normally do (with clutch)
2) When tacho approaches aprox. 3500 rpm pull out of 1st gear with slight pressure. Knob will jump out of his stand and go to Neutral
3) While Your hand moves to the 2nd gear push gas to 4000 rpm.
4) When knob approaches place where 2nd gear is, add little more pressure to your movement. You should hear some screech sound. Lift of gas. At aprox. 3700 rpm knob must jump in its place in the 2nd gear.
5) You will be driving already in second gear at 3600-3700 rpm and start acceleration without any pause.
6) Do it again going from 2nd to 3rd gears at 4000 rpm.
7) You can do it also backwards when shifting from high gears to low

If on first attempts you fail and can not get into the right gear, you can slightly touch clutch. It takes long practice but results are very impressive. After some weeks you should be able to do shifting so that people outside will be thinking that you have very good automatic transmission.

What advantages it gives you?

* You learn to feel your engine and transmission
* You are still able to drive if your clutch goes down
* approximately 0.1-0.5 sec on every shifting. That seems not much, but if you are racing then after some 1000 shifting you have gained 4 minutes advantage over your concurrent. And that is much.
* I have BMW 318i prepared for street races. With clutch my acceleration 0-60 mph is 8.3 seconds. Without touching clutch - 7.6 seconds
* You have free left leg to do left leg braking (that will be next your technique for rally style driving)

Do practicing on your own risk. I will not pay you for broken transmission. But when you will learn this you will feel much more confident when driving and maybe we will meet on the race track.

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