Shave, wax, tweeze or nair, what you like today?

Aug 20, 2001

The Bottom Line Experimenting is fun while you're young, but gets annoying as you age. Razors tend to be less expensive and have better results.

Some say I'm lucky due to the fact I have very little hair on my legs and that it's light blond(almost clear). The same with my arms, you can't tell its there. Under the arms it's black, yet easy to remove. My only problem is keeping my legs smooth, I've tried almost EVERYTHING, and I just can't seem to get a good smooth, hair free day.


It has a nose burning/flowery scent to it. Claims that in about 7-10 you will be able to just wipe off all the hair. Well if you let your hair grow out long enough you can wipe off most, but not all of it. A bottle will cost you about $5 and you can get it at pretty much any grocier,drug or beauty store. If you are sensitive to it, you'll know it in a few minutes. Your skin will get very irratated and red. The irratation and redness could dissapeer in a few hours or a day. The pluses of this are how soft and silky your legs feel afterwards. I just love that feeling. If you want all the hair gone, you can shave afterwards. I do it, but very carefully, not to irratate the skin. Using hair conditioner will leave you with better results. A full bottle of it will give you about 2 applications. This works even better on the bikini line. The results last about a day.


I don't know why but I love experimenting with this one. Once again a box of it will cost you about $7 give or take a few dollars (grociery or drug stores usually have the lowest prices). Each box comes with 1 tube of wax, a ton of strips, directions (duh), applying spatula, and of course some lotion so your skin won't irratate as bad. The wax is cool because after you rip the hairs out you can see almost all of them on the strip, root and everything. This however does not usually get the little thin hairs. So you might want to go over it cautiously with a razor(remember use conditioner). You apply it going with the growth of the hair, all you need is a very thing layer of wax, press the paper strip firmly on your leg(or bikini area), holding your skin with one hand, use the other to quickly pull the strip up. I can take this pain and last only a few seconds. When doing the bikini line you must be more careful. It may bleed a bit where the hair came out. Also the strips are re-usable. Since you're pulling hair out from the root the results can last from a few days to a month (I wish mine lasted a month). Also the hair should grow out thinner.


These work best for the eyebrows (and other facial hair you may have). It's the fastest and cheapest. You can use it for your legs and bikini line, but is very time consuming. This does cause a bit of discomfort, but again it only last a few seconds. These results also last about a week.


You can get a good razor anywhere from $1-15. I recommend bic. When shaving you want to use either a good soap, if your skin is not that sensitive, shaving cream(guys stuff always works better)or whatever else you can find. Make sure your skin is totally wet and lathered up before you start. Also wet the razor. Like myself, you will probably get a few nics and cuts, just be careful though. If you're lucky your results will last the whole day. Mine last about half the day, but are so silky smooth for that while. If your skin is easily irrated I recommend you shave every other day. If shaving the bikini line, I recommend doing this once or twice a week. Irritation is greater in this area, and the redness won't disapeer for a few days some times.

If anyone has any advice on hair removal for me and how to keep my legs HAIR FREE for days, please share with me! Thanks.

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