Aug 21, 2001

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The Bottom Line YO YOs are a lot of fun to make and a unique way to make a different type of greeting card.

I've written many epinions on rubber stamped greeting cards, but now I am going to tell you a way that you can create a greeting card without any rubber stamps!

You will need:

1) Card stock
2) black marker
3) small pieces of fabric, small design is best.
4) ribbon
5) needle
6) thread

Take 3 or 5 small pieces of fabric/material, cutting them into small circles. About 2" pieces are nice. Then take your needle and thread and use a basting stitch all around the edge of your pieces of fabric/material. Pull it up fairly tight to form a nice circle, putting the raw edges under. This is called a YO YO.

With your card stock folded to begin your card, draw either 3 or 5 small circles on it. Now put the YO YOs over the drawn circles to make the design. From there you can take a black marker and draw string lines from the YO YO to the bottom of the card; meeting at the bottom. These now look like balloons floating in air.

If you would like, then add a small ribbon bow where the string lines meet. Use a color of ribbon to match at least one of your YO YOs; it ties the colors together better.

It is nice to not have to always buy a rubber stamp for each project. This is one of the ways that you don't have to BUT:
You can buy YO YO stamps at stamp stores also. You may find a large rabbit or dog stamp with a circle for a tummy. That is where you would put your YO YO! I hope that you will have fun making YO Yos....Enjoy!

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