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Aug 30, 2001 (Updated Dec 14, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Dolls are great tools for socialization and collecting.

Think about this. Barbie came into American households around 1960. She was the product of a lady that had a daughter and this is where it all began. I think the daughters name was Barbara. The doll had clothing fashioned after clothing of different times. Barbie had Bell Bottom pants and cute little tops. Many of the clothes were typical of what there Mom was wearing.

Ken had a molded crew cut for a hair. He dressed according to mens fashion. The dolls were made of molded plastic and the arms and legs have come off many of these dolls. They had hair that had actual roots. Many dolls had no hair because little girls did not treat them very well.

Barbie and Ken were very good for children to venture into small worlds of play. They could take Barbie camping, shopping, swimming etc. Later on the Mattel Company dreamed up all types of Barbies for all different situations. If you go to the toy store you can find a Barbie that is a nurse, doctor, babysitter or any other type of occupation.
You can also find Barbies with designer clothing like Mackey and others. These designer dolls cost hundreds of dollars and really are not for children but for adults that love Barbie.

Barbie has changed her clothing over the years. She has many metalic outfits. Some of them are really cool. Children love the glitz of Barbie.

I use to love to fix Barbie and Ken to go shopping or to the movies. We did not have Barbie Campers and all the important new accessories that are now marketable.

I think Barbie was a fun toy for children at least over three years of age. I did not think about how thin she was.
She was a playmate that helped my imagination with my friends.

Barbie has various styles of hair and costumes to suit any lifestyle. If you happen to go to F.A. O. Swartz or other top of the line toy stores you will see designers like Mackey and others designing clothing for Barbie. These dolls are way to expensive for childs play. You can pay $400. for a Barbie.

Barbie is an icon. She has fashions of all eras in the United States. She was a Flower Child with bell bottom pants. She has mini skirts and all the atire that a women would wear including high heal shoes. Barbie depicts society thru the decades. The clothing could be considered a history of modern clothing and style.

Children should use their imagination and play with Barbie as a long lost friend. The market today does not have a lot of different baby dolls for smaller children. I think this would be nice to have some good quality drink and wet dolls for parents to purchase.

Children should play with dolls because it is a tool that helps teach parenting skills. Children have dolls at pre schools and you can watch them. If they can not act appropriately in childs play.....then there is a possibility of serious problems later in life. I have seen boys abuse dolls. What does this tell you? This behavior needs to be stopped at an early age. Creative play shows many behavior problems and dolls are a great way to visualize these problems. The teacher may see inappropriate behavior and have a talk with the parents. Many times when children are mean to dolls they are also mean to animals.
If you can uncover a problem with childsplay then maybe you can correct the problem.

Many Barbies are really messed up by children. They are not treating them like babies. This part of culture needs to be addressed because sometimes the mean to doll children turn into child abusers later in life.

This is my belief in citing behaviors. I am a sociologist and have studied children playing.
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