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May 3, 2001
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Pros:Fast and Easy to Use

Cons:Cleaning it

The Bottom Line: I would suggest that everyone should get one of these machines, especially if you have kids. It will save you a lot of time and hassle.

I just bought this sandwich maker with in the last 2 months. Since then I have used it a countless number of times. It is so fast and easy that anyone could use it.

I bought this machine because it was on sale. I have never heard of this company before I bought it. The only thing I wanted was an easy way to make a hot meal and something that was cheap. This fit both of my requirements. I paid only $14.99 for this sandwich maker because it was on sale. Some of the other brands were selling for $20.00-$25.00. To me they all did the same thing.

This maker is perfect for me because I work all day long and then I go to school at night. I only have 45 minutes between work and my class, so I don't have a lot of time to be fooling around cooking. So, when I get home I take 2 pieces of bread and some cheese and lay it in the maker. I then close the lid and get ready for work. 5 minutes later I come back and the sandwich is all ready. The sandwich comes out hot, toasted and the cheese is really melted. The sandwich maker even cuts the sandwich in half for you.

I have made several different sandwiches with the Proctor Silex Meal Maker Sandwich Toaster. Here are a few recepies:

1) Grilled Cheese / Grilled Cheese w/Ham
~ 2 slices of bread
~ Cheese (your favorite kind)
~ Lunch Meat (optional)

2) Grilled Peanut Butter
~ 2 slices of bread
~ Peanut Butter
~ Make a Peanut Butter sandwich and place in maker.
Close lid and in 5 minutes it's ready

3) Pizza Pocket
~ 2 slices of bread
~ Pizza Sauce
~ Cheese
~ Any toppings that you like
~ Spread the sauce on the bread. Add cheese and
toppings and place in maker.
Close lid and in 5 minutes it's ready.

4) Hobi Pie
~ 2 slices of bread (white bread works best)
~ Any type of pie filling (Cherry is really good)
~ Take bread and put some pie filling in between the
the 2 slices.
Close lid and in 5 minutes it's ready.
It's just like camping only faster.

Anybody could use this machine. It is great for teenagers who are always on the run.

The one thing that is difficult is cleaning it sometimes. If your lucky, it is really easier to clean. Just take a wet dish cloth and wipe over the grills and the cleanup is all done. If your not so lucky, it can be very hard to clean. Sometimes if you add too much filling in the bread, when you press the lid down, some of the filling spills out. This is hard to clean when it gets between the cracks of the grill. I use a toothpick when this happens to scrape out the food. It can be time consuming. After a while you will learn how much of something to add and you won't have this problem.

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