Too Many Stuffed Toys Do What My Mom Did

Sep 1, 2001

The Bottom Line Too many stuffed toys and not enough room? Heres a tip on what to do...

When I was a little girl I must have had at least a hundred or so stuffed animals. My bed was covered, my floor and my shelves. Every holiday and Birthday though it never failed at least one or two family members and friends would buy me more. My mom threw many away over time, but there were still just so many of them.

Stuffed animals don't just take up a lot of room they are dust collectors too. As many know dust can cause breathing and allergy problems. So as you might imagine having so many in the bed where your child is sleeping is not a very good thing.

My mom came up with a great idea one day that I wanted to share with other parents. It will take advantage of an area of space in the child's room that normally goes unused and will get those stuffed animals off of the bed and floor. Yet your child will still be able to admire their lovely collection.

Good Ole mom got out my grandmothers old sewing box and proceeded to sew white thread through the top of each stuffed toy and tying it to make a loop. When she had them all done she broke out the thumb tacks and a ladder and tacked them all up on the ceiling. It was actually cute. A Nice decorating idea along with being useful and saving space. Some stuffed toys may be too heavy for this. If you have say a few very heavy large ones, I would use a thicker string and hang them from hooks in the corners of the room. Big ones would not look right hanging around the middle of the room.

This also saves you from having to wash a hundred stuffed toys constantly trying to keep them clean.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have bunk beds in your child's room I would not suggest doing this. My children do and this is why I have not hung theirs on the ceiling. I can imagine one of my children trying to reach one from the top bunk and tumbling down to the floor. So if you have bunk beds I really would think twice if the child or children are young. You could still hang in the corners of the room though. As long as it is not near enough to the top bunk that little ones will get any ideas of trying to grab them.

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