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Dinaire Dining Room Furniture!

May 3, 2001 (Updated May 3, 2001)
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Pros:Quality, warranty, lasting beauty


The Bottom Line: Excellent quality, a name you can trust!

Why Dinaire?
We have a friend who used to be in the furniture industry, so when we wanted to replace our dining room chairs 10 years ago, we asked him what brand he recommended. He didn't even have to think about it, without blinking an eye he said, "Dinaire". I told him I had never heard of them, please tell me about them! I learned that they are one of the largest manufacturers of dining room furniture.

Quality, Through and Through
I have owned a home daycare for 20 years, and everything in my house takes a beating! I don't know how many times I have asked the kids not to rock back on the chairs, or their gonna break the legs. Not with Dinaire - the kids still do rock back on them (to my dismay), but you wouldn't know it by the looks of the chairs!

Here are some reasons I really like this company! Their furniture is made of the best quality, kiln dried Appalacian hardwood. They use steel pin stretchers on the leg braces. The tenons are compressed and glued. On bow backs, shoulder tenons with a screw and washer pull are used for extra strength. And all post back chairs have a wedged construction for strength that will endure for years! Every chair goes through an eleven, ELEVEN, step finishing process before they stamp their name on it. And the every best feature, they warranty their dining room chairs for 10 years! I like it when companies back up their word with a warranty like that!

Our Old Chairs
Our old chairs were pathetic. And they weren't as old as our Dinaire's are now. The old ones were wobbly, the legs and supports were loose, they were down right embarrassing to look at. I had hoped when we bought our new Dinaire chairs they would never end up looking this sad, and so far that have not disappointed us!

The Dinaire chairs are sort of sculpted - they have a scooped seat, and the cushion sits into it. Kind of hard to explain without a picture, but believe me, they are very comfortable to sit in! They are the cadillac of dining room furniture for quality and comfort!

They Have Served us for 10 Years and Will Last Many More
We have had these chairs for 10 years, and they feel as solid as they day they arrived in our home. We have re-upholstered the cushions on the seats, and this time I put a heavy plastic over them to protect them from spills of juice and milk! But the chairs look new. The wood looks new. They are heavy, solid chairs, made out of solid hardwood. All you have to do to see how sturdy they are built is simply lift one up and you will be amazed at how heavy they are for a small chair! I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

I don't remember what we paid for these six chairs, it was 10 years ago. I know it was more than I originally wanted to pay, but they have been worth every red cent. So, we won't be needing to contact the company for any warranty work either! Oh yeah, they are made in the USA!


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