Behr 15-Minute Quik-Fix Deck Finish Remover and Wood Resurfacer - No. 64

Behr 15-Minute Quik-Fix Deck Finish Remover and Wood Resurfacer - No. 64

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The Behr Facts.... Stripping the Deck

Oct 17, 2005
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Pros:Not difficult to apply. Gallon goes a long way.

Cons:Slippery when wet. Didn't remove some of the solid stain.

The Bottom Line: This is a good product which should produce satisfactory results under most conditions.

“An apt name for a stripper,” he mused, with a hint of a leering smirk on his face.
For a moment holographic-like visions of strippers gyrating on his deck emerged, but quickly dissipated as he clenched the deck stripper in the blue gallon container. He tried to focus on the text pasted on the container’s back. The letters were smallish and not easy for him to read. “Why do I bother?” he thought.
Directions to him were guides and suggestions subject to interpretation, seldom gospel to be followed literally.
Alone in the aisle at Home Depot he held the container close to his face and began to read as best he could in the subdued light. The large print highlights on the front label initially attracted him to the Behr. “No Sanding Needed. 15 Minute Quick-Fix Deck Finish Remover. Removes: Weathered Stains and Sealers, Loose Wood Fibers, Oil and Water-Based Finishes.


Behr No. 64 15 Minute Quick Fix Deck Finish Remover and Wood Resurfacer is a ready to use exterior stripper. That’s a good thing. It has no VOC’s. Sounds like that’s a good thing too.
He continues to read until what he considers pertinent catches his eye.
Behr can be used on deteriorated latex or oil based coatings and stains on decks ,siding , fences, even stucco and masonry. That seems to cover his needs. For 100% acrylic-water based products a conventional stripper is advised. He hasn’t a clue as to what products have been used on his 20-year-old deck. Could be a problem.

The user is advised to stir or shake the Behr Quick-Fix but not thin it.
It shouldn’t be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.
Nearby plants should be drenched with water and adjacent surfaces covered with plastic.
The Quick-Fix may be applied with a sprayer or disposable nylon brush. The man decides then and there to use the brush.
The product should remain on the treated surface 15 to 30 minutes and be kept wet.
When the surface starts to lift, scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush.
Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose at full pressure. Pressure washing should be left to a professional because it may harm the wood.
If some of the finish remains, repeat the application procedure.
“I hope I don’t have to do this twice,” he thinks. Spending 11 dollars times two doesn’t appeal to his cheap nature.

It seemed a little more labor intensive than the man liked, but he decided to give the product a try. An $11 gamble wouldn’t hurt. Some of the containers had a white film on the outside near the lid and along the sides as if the bottle had leaked or been opened. He chose one that was clean and put it in his cart. He also grabbed a glossy Behr brochure from an adjacent display before proceeding to check out.
“I hope this works.”
Ten days later he got his answer.

Since the warnings and dangers listed on the container made the man nervous, he didn’t use the Quick-Fix on the first section of his large house length deck. Upon completion of the deck section off the dining room, he was pleased but thought he could do better. On the deck segment between the kitchen slider and the screened porch he decided to use the stripper. It had rained the day before and the day was overcast and cool. He didn’t anticipate a problem keeping the surface wet. This product was thinner than others he had used, thicker than water yet easy flowing, making it viable for spray application. The man chose to use a brush instead.

He applied the stripper to a small section, not bothering to water nearby plants first, waited half an hour, and then brushed the surface with a long-handled bristle brush. There was no crinkling of the surface as with other strippers he had used in the past; this was disconcerting. While rinsing the deck with he noticed that some of the previous stain remained, but that the finished deck portion had a consistency of color and pattern lacking on the deck part on which he had not used the Behr Quick-Fix. Somewhat pleased with the results, he continued to treat the rest of his deck with this product, rinsing it off with his electric pressure washer even though he was not a professional and actually had never even used a power washer before this.

It was an easy and mostly trouble free experience for him. Once he accidentally got a bit of the Behr on his naked hand and imagined skin and fingers dissolving, then dropping off as in advanced leprosy. He rinsed his hand with the hose after a minute or so and noted there wasn’t as much as a tiny burning sensation or visible trace of contact. This relieved him. At one point while brushing the deck surface, he stepped on the Behr treated deck and felt himself slip. Only his cat-like reflexes kept him upright. He decided to be more careful and remembered a bit of text on the container warning that the deck would become very slippery. It did.

When he was done, the man surveyed his work. It wasn’t perfect, but was mostly satisfactory. Next he would treat the deck again with Behr’s Wood Cleaner Brightener Conditioner and finally apply the cedar tinted Waterproofing Wood Sealer and Finish by Behr. Because of his work schedule, the week of rain, and the need to replace some questionable decking, several weeks elapsed before the project would be completed.


Easy to apply
Reasonable price compared to other brands
Treated deck has a consistency of appearance, color and grain lacking on the deck portion not treated with the Quick-Fix
Not as caustic as other strippers I’ve used in the past.

Slippery surface is a potential for bodily harm
Had to make two or more applications on some sections to get desired results.
On some seldom trodden parts of the deck close to the house the insidious, contentious solid redwood stain would not relinquish its hold. Only persistent pressure washing and some sanding could remove it. Maybe the previous owner had used a 100% acrylic-water based product requiring a more powerful stripper.
There was no crinkling or bubbling of the previous coating to let me know the Behr was working. Maybe leaving it on even longer would have helped.
Not a one step process. Follow up with deck cleaner, mildew remover and brightener.

I’m pleased with the Behr line of products including the Quick-Fix Deck Finish and Remover and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.

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