Thanksgiving, the Peanuts Way

Oct 28, 2005
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Pros:A classic story that could only be told this way by these characters.

Cons:Lack of extras on DVD

The Bottom Line: Another holiday classic from the Peanuts gang you'll want to own.

Charlie Brown and friends are busy getting ready for that forgotten holiday - Thanksgiving. Linus is telling everyone about it, Charlie Brown is wondering why the stores have Christmas decorations up already, and Sally is stressing about having to write a report on "Standish Miles" before she's finished her Halloween candy. But then Peppermint Patty calls and invites herself, Marcy, and Franklin to the Brown house for Thanksgiving dinner even though the Brown family has other plans. Snoopy pitches in to help, but when toast and popcorn aren't good enough for Peppermint Patty, what will happen next?

This is a Peanuts classic. Only Charlie Brown could find himself in this predicament, and it's handled with the usual Peanuts gentle humor. I've always sympathized with Charlie Brown, but this story is easy to as he finds himself in an impossible predicament. Along the way, we also get a football kicking episode, which are always entertaining.

Also included on the DVD is an episode of the educational TV show "This is America, Charlie Brown." "The Mayflower Voyage" intersperses the Peanuts gang in a retelling of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. It is a good presentation of the history of the Pilgrims, but is more history then entertainment. Still, it does have its moments, like when Lucy wants directions to the complaint box once they've reached America.

The DVD offers no extras beyond this additional 25 minutes of Peanuts animation. Still, the picture and sound quality are top notch on both programs.

This is right behind A Charlie Brown Christmas in my list of favorite Peanuts specials. It belongs in any Peanuts fan's library to be enjoyed year after year.

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