Great for the price.

Nov 8, 2005
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For $34 at Walmart, these are a decent deal. The active noise canceling isn't quite as strong as a pair of $58 Sonys (maybe by a couple decibels only), but the passive noise suppression that comes from simply the full ear cups more than makes up for it. And the bass response is much better than the Sony's. Obviously, the Maxell's are not the Bose QC2s, but considering that Bose's are 9 times more expensive, I'm not surprised. I also find the Maxell to be much more comfortable than headphones that sit on the ear rather than around the ear...the others can quickly cause your ears to ache. The 50 hour battery life is a plus, and the thick cable is a lot sturdier than the cheap zipwire-type cables that many cheaper headphones have. Comes with a microfiber drawstring carrying bad and an airplane jack adapter. Even folds up reasonably well.

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