Citrucel versus Metamucil Citrucel versus Metamucil

Citrucel versus Metamucil

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If you are ... uh ... irregular

May 4, 2001
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Pros:I like Citrusel's consistency better.

Cons:Nither tastes like a milk shake!

The Bottom Line: I much prefer Citrusel over Metamucil, and Citrusel is the one I recommend.

What Are Citrusel and Metamucil?
In case you don't know, both of these products are for irregularity (a nice word for constipation). They work without chemical stimulants, by adding fiber bulk to the diet. I have used both of them, because I have a medical condition that predisposes me to this problem. Since I have a definite opinion on which of these products I prefer, this opinion category was perfect for me. I will discuss each separately.

Comes in a powder form. The directions say to fill an 8 ounce glass with cold water (I use orange juice), and add 1 scoop (included) of Citrusel. Stir and drink promptly. A second glass of water is helpful.

Citrusel is made of 100% soluble fiber. It adds bulk to your digestion and helps elimination - the added water makes the stool softer and easier to pass. The fiber is derived from a natural source. Each dose contains 3 mg. sodium, 105 mg. potassium, and 60 calories. Inactive ingredients are citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, potassium citrate, riboflavin and sucrose.

I really like Citrusel, because, as the container states, it is NOT gritty. It does mix easily and dissolves quickly. I find that it does not form a thick mass that is hard to swallow. I can get the whole 8 ounces down before it starts to thicken. And it tastes pretty darn good when it is added to orange juice ... if I had to give you an analogy I would say it tastes kind of like adding powdered tang to a glass of orange juice.

There is a warning on the Citrusel label that says "Taking without enough liquid may cause choking".

Metamucil Orange Original Texture
Metamucil is the same type of product as Citrucel. It's active ingredient is pure psyllium husk fiber, and inactive ingredients are citric acid, flavoring, and sucrose. It comes in individual packets which make it easy to take along when you are travelling, and it also comes in a smooth texture formula - which I have not seen in the stores, therefore I have only tried the Original formula. I have also tried the Metamucil Strawberry, which I didn't like nearly as well as the Orange Original.

It also has a couple warnings - "If mixture thickens add more liquid and stir". And a warning that metamucil may cause an allergic reaction of you are allergic to psyllium, and it may cause choking.

I have found that Metamucil does thicken quicker while I am drinking it, before I get the glass emptied, and I do need to add more liquid to the glass to get it all down.

Taste Comparisons
There is no question about it, Citrusel tastes MUCH better. It costs more than the Metamucil does, but for the taste difference, the extra cost is worth it. I just paid $20 for a 30 ounce container of Citrusel. Metamucil didn't come in that size container at my grocery store, so it is hard to compare prices for the size I bought, but I do think Metamucil is cheaper.

They Both Work
Both of these products work for me when taken at the first sign of irregularity. They usually produce the desired results (didn't I say that nicely?) in about 24-48 hours. Much preferable to the harsh chemical laxatives on today's market.

Heed The Warnings
If you use these products, please read and heed the warnings on the container. Choking can occur if the product is not taken with enough liquid, and it could block your esophagus. Constipation can be a sign of a more serious condition, especially if there is bleeding involved. Please see your Dr. if you have any of the warning signs mentioned on the product label.

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