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Nov 20, 2005
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Pros:Very well produced disc, a truly gifted singer.


The Bottom Line: I love people who sing and don't fall into these trends that don't make an artist stand out. LaToya sings her butt off and does it well.

American Idol season three finalist LaToya London has something that most female newcomers have---potential. Often scorned by Simon Cowell due to her reserved nature, LaToya seemed to silence her worst critic every week. When she faced a nightmare of being sent home, LaToya closed her eyes and sang “Don’t Rain on My Parade” to her hearts content. To those that saw her exciting last performance, know that she was going to return to the music scene with a vengeance. LaToya was quickly signed to Concord Records in 2004 and they wanted to be sure she had all the help in preparing a release that would envy those in the American Idol contest.

One year later, LaToya surfaces with her debut album, Love and Life. Love and Life marks a beginning for LaToya, a career filled with promise and exciting opportunities. Miss London takes you on a journey back in time where female R&B starlets sung with such passion and emotion that it didn’t matter whether they had a number one single or not. It was truly for the love of music.

Her first single, “I Appreciate” featuring Black Thought of the Roots, is a playful single where she pays homage to men loving and accepting them for who they are. The beat and groove of the song are so cool it’ll keep you bobbing your head. Another hot track, “Non Watcha Do”, has a hip-hop flow and sweet, earthy lyrics often heard from the late Aaliyah. Men, if you’re going to promise LaToya the world and don’t come through, she’s not checking for you. This song has great potential to race up the R&B charts as well as gain appeal within the urban club circuit.

I must say I love a good slow song when I hear it. “Anything” is one of those songs that’s easy on the ears and has soft, sleek lyrics to compliment it. LaToya is on cloud nine when she’s high from good lovin’ and she’ll do what it takes to keep it coming. Fellas, if you want your clothes washed, some cooked food, treat this woman right and she’ll be by your side.

When it comes to singing ballads, these young females need to take heed, watch and learn. Upon listening to this CD I was very impressed with the execution in vocals LaToya made with each song covered. The highlights of the album come from the songs where she reaches within her soul and unleash gut-wrenching passion. “State Of My Heart”, is one of the most phenomenal songs I’ve heard sung in a long time. LaToya testifies about a relationship gone badly, how she gave her all to make things work, and the man leaving her in suspense of what happened between them. “Learn To Breathe” focuses on coming full circle, learning to live and love again when you’ve faced adversity. This song came from the heart and it gives you chills just hearing her hit those high notes perfectly. If you thought that was it, think again. LaToya takes on a song that I was surprised she would cover, Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.” Words can’t describe how she flawlessly covered this track. If Celine Dion were to hear this girl sing this song as she did, Celine would fly her out to Las Vegas and put her on the stage with her and do some type of duet. I’m proud of this song and it’s why it will be one of my treasures on the album.

What shocked me about LaToya’s debut is the way things were put together. There weren’t many guest appearances or producers, which made the album more likeable. With the newer artists, they tend to run after those who are hot at the moment instead of taking a risk and starting out in a comfort zone. LaToya played it safe and stuck to her familiar realm and it paid off. If you don’t have this album, make sure you have this in your collection because LaToya is a singer not to be slept on. She shows great promise and she may outlast these attention hungry singers.

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