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Sep 10, 2001

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The Bottom Line Be smart and try to get as much value as possible.

This how much to spend topic is a fascinating one because it deals in psychology for the player as well as the playing partner. I advise my corporate clients to purchase name brand irons because like it or not your business associates will look in your bag and make a judgement. I once knew a entertainment lawyer who had ten sets of matching Ping irons, woods, bags etc...He wasn't a good player but he was a master in business perception. Now if you are learning golf just for fun or not playing business golf for a while then you focus should be more on golf lessons than golf equipment . A good golf swing will last a lifetime where golf equipment of forever changing. Ok now to pricing. The prices per club will run from around $70 a club to $120 club for steel and you can normally add about $20per club for graphite. In the $80 to $90 range their are a couple of excellent choices , the Tommy Armour 845 and the Ben Hogan apex edge .These are my favorites because they offer value combined with name association. In the $100 per club range we have such names as Ping,Taylor Made, Mizuno ,Titleist and many others . All excellent irons. Then the most expensive will be the Callaways ,especially the titanium . The Callaway titanium will run $170 per club. Just unbelievable. I would suggest that for corporate golf plan on spending around $100 per club. For casual golf plan on spending around $80 per club. Always look for a sale and try to buy you golf equipment at the right time of the year. Normally the best time is in late January just before the PGA show in Orlando. Good Luck and Happy Shopping .

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