Great Washer for a Certain Type of Person

Nov 28, 2005
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Pros:Compact, easy and fun to use. This machine really has cleaned my clothes!

Cons:Honestly, the only con would be if you want a more fully automatic washer.

The Bottom Line: This washer is a great choice for one or two people. It changed laundry from being a chore to something I enjoy.

I held off buying a portable washer for years and lugged everything to the laundromat. Then I bumped into these reviews on the Danby Twin Tub, and my curiosity got the best of me. I ordered one and received it within a few days--and was doing laundry that night!

I've had my Danby twin tub now for several weeks and am enchanted with it. I read the other posts and have to agree with them--it's cool, efficient, and inexpensive. It does a GREAT job cleaning. However, this machine is for someone who wants to futz around with their laundry a bit. And you can do this to your heart's content with this washer. I LIKE loading it, running it for a few minutes, letting the really dirty loads soak, draining the water, etc. It's a great washer for someone who likes to spend a little extra time with their clothes to get them just exactly right--and not blindly shove them into a washer and wait for the timer to ring.

This machine has an eco-feel. You can control the amount of water and electricity you use. I bought a drying rack and don't use a dryer at all anymore. It helps those of use who worry about wasting resources.

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