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Nov 30, 2005 (Updated Dec 6, 2005)
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Pros:Canister design is fantastic, works perfectly.

Cons:Power Head and nozzle are clumsy. Dust Brush is nigh unto useless.

The Bottom Line: This would be a champ with a redesigned powerhead and nozzle. I don't recommend it. In fairness, I haven't spent time with its price-range competition.

I am writing this review because I bought it based on the reviews I could find (epinions and elsewhere), and I believe all in all, it's over rated. There are some awesome aspects to this machine, but there are some real duds as well. My convictions are reinforced every Saturday when I vacuum 2000 square feet of house with it.

This vac seems to have a split personality, perhaps two different teams designed the cannister (good) and the power head (bad). In between, the telescopic wand and nozzle are so-so.

Cannister: A thing of beauty really. Quite, powerful, and bagless. (Nits: The tank capacity is a tad small, the wheels can build up static and collect dust, and the cord reel often leaves 12-18 inches hanging). Emptying this unit is no problem. There is a cleverly designed separator plate to save larger objects of value (i.e. Lego, coins and the like) from being lost forever in the morass of dust, hair, and other undesirables. It took me a few tries to find the optimal method for cleaning the reusable filter (the provided cleaning tool will only slow you down): Set yourself on a chair in front of your favourite utility sink, adjust the tap to dispense a warm pencil sized flow, then gently spread two adjacent vanes and flush with water; amazing quantities of crud will issue forth.

Power Head: Clumsy. Cleaning a large area with lots of furniture is a frustrating experience, especially if you have ever used more agile equipment. Very difficult to slide sideways to move from one 'lane' to the next on carpet, but adequately mobile on hardwood and vinyl flooring. When the beater bar is energized woe unto any rug that's not glued to the floor - it's going to be going for a ride or eaten. A bit too tall and wide to fit under may furnishings; the edger "wings" tend to snag on furniture on the return stroke. And why, oh why can't the lamp on the front be illuminated ALL the time, not just when the beater bar is on?

Attachments: Crevasse Tool is fine. The miniscule fibres on the Dusting Brush are laughable if you've ever used a brush with inch or longer horse hair (I recommend pitching the thing away and adapting a real brush on). Impossible to vacuum baseboards with it.

Telescopic wand: Nice feature. (Nit: the fat release ring catches on things when you are working in tight places, collapsing the wand when least expected.)

Nozzle: Having the motor controls at the nozzle is fantastic. However, the gas-pump look-alike nozzle housing is too large, making it awkward to vacuum under beds and other tight places.

In conclusion, this vac picks up lots of dirt in your house , but if you work hard and fast at cleaning your house, you may be disappointed with the clumsiness of the assembly from the nozzle on down to where the rubber meets the road.

(I also believe at least one of the reviews above is for the more expensive S3765040 and not the S3755, based on the attachments described.)

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