Frigidaire FRT17G4BW6 JUNK

Dec 2, 2005 (Updated Aug 15, 2007)
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-Nov 22, 2006-2 weeks ago my refrigerator began to leak!There have been puddles on my floor every morning when I wake up!The repairman finally came today and said he has never seen this problem before.There is a tray in the back at the very bottom in which fills up with water and I believe the manual said to empty it once a year but we have been emptying it every other day for the past 2 weeks.The repairman said the tray is cracked so he put a sealer on it and is ordering us a new tray.That is not explaining where the water is coming from and why.My freezer is set to factory settings.
Frigidaire FRT17G4BW6-purchased at Lowe's 12/1/05
May 18, 2007-every week we have to empty the pan under the back of this fridge! Water goes everywhere.What a piece of junk! I HATE THIS THING!
July 27, 2007-- In the beginning of this month we had yet another repairman come out to look at the leaking refrigerator. He wrote on the invoice that it was a Manufacturer Defect! Waiting 4 weeks now for replacement.
Aug 15, 2007 Refrigerator finally replaced after I filed a complaint with BBB.

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