Very serviceable minimalist ergonomic keyboard.

Dec 7, 2005
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Pros:Smooth ergonomic design, keys feel great, compact minimalism, price

Cons:Useless support legs, no wrist support, limited extras, no software included

The Bottom Line: This keyboard has very basic features but performs well. Try the design in a store before you buy and make sure it feels comfortable for you. Minimalist bliss.

I purchased this keyboard as an interim replacement for my weathered keyboard, until I could find exactly what I wanted. It has been over a month and I still haven't looked for another keyboard, since this one is serving exceptionally well.

I must state first that the main draw for me was the ergonomic design of the keyboard. I refuse to use the standard layout now and every make and model of ergo keyboard is slightly different. The angle, size and feel of this model are the best I've had.
The design of the keys is flat and has the slightest cradle to it. The keys are very quiet, with a great feel for pressure; soft presses with good spring return. The inner column of keys (TYGHBN) are widened but spaced evenly with their neighbors. This is not a split ergo design. For my typing style, this keyboard is near perfect. I can see this model being ill-suited to home row typists or intense WASD gamers, but for those of us who hover this keyboard is great.

The media functionality is minimal. Internet buttons are restricted to back, forward, home, search and mail. There is volume control (up, down, mute) and a play/pause which configures itself to your default media player. A calculator button is provided near the numeric keypad.
Since I use my mouse to navigate, these buttons do nothing for me but provide additional keys to remap. Microsoft's IntelliType software can do this for you, but for some unfathomable reason it is not included with the keyboard.

The USB cord may be a little on the short side for people with elaborate computer setups requiring the keyboard to be further away from the tower.
The support legs on the back are pathetic; they barely raise the keyboard off the desk at all and aren't that stable in the first place. No wrist support is provided with this model so if you use one, you may have trouble finding one that works.
The specification on the package state that Windows XP is required to operate the keyboard, but I have used it with Windows ME and retained full functionality.

Average functional keyboard 3 stars + 1 star for the excellent low price for the quality.

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