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Flavia Fusion - Best single serve coffee maker

Dec 10, 2005
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Pros:No cleaning or priming between drinks, great coffees & teas, easy clean-up

Cons:Would like more coffee/drink choices, no hard-plumbing option

The Bottom Line: Excellent, attractive, compact, affordable single-serve coffee maker requiring NO priming or clean-up between each delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or other hot drink.

There are three different types of Flavia Drink Stations. There is the Flavia Fusion for use in the home, the Flavia SB100 for small offices, and the Flavia SB350 for larger offices. This review is only about the Flavia Fusion, made for home use.

ORDERING: I purchased my Flavia Fusion from Amazon.com because they had the best price at the time that I purchased the drink station, plus a free 'starter pack' which had a variety of coffees, teas, syrups, toppings, etc., and they offered free shipping as well. I received my order within a week.

SET-UP: Set-up was spectacularly easy. Simply pulled the unit out of the box, rinsed out and filled the water reservoir, and plugged in the unit. Then, a one-time-only priming of the unit had to be completed (as opposed to other brands of single-serve coffee makers where you have to prime before each use). Just hold down two of the buttons and turn on the unit. When water starts coming through, then you let go of the buttons. That's it!

USE: There are three buttons on the unit. One is for hot chocolate and other drinks (future drinks that are currently unavailable), another button for coffee & tea, and a third button for making 'frothy' drinks, e.g., cappuccino and lattes. To make hot chocolate, simply slide the hot chocolate pack into the drink station, close the door, and then push the button. Voila, hot chocolate! To make coffee or tea, follow the same procedure, but click on the coffee/tea button. To make a 'frothy' drink, simply insert the first pack (e.g., Creamy Topping) and then click on the 'frothy 2-pack' button. The system blinks when done with the first pack -- remove it, and then insert the second pack (e.g., coffee) and then click the button again. It makes surprisingly good cappuccinos!

The best thing about it is that there is NO CLEAN-UP required between packets. The packets are self-contained - they contain the coffee/tea/whatever and the filter which you simply throw away after each use. For instance, my husband loves House Blend and when he's done, he throws away the packet and then I can put in my chai tea packet and not have to clean the machine or worry that my tea will taste like his coffee. Then my son can put in a hot chocolate packet without having to worry that his hot chocolate will taste like my husband's coffee or my chai tea. This is the reason why we chose this machine over the others -- no priming and no cleaning between drinks!

COFFEE/TEA QUALITY: I have found the quality of the coffee packs to be surprisingly good. The choice of coffees is pretty good -- There is Sumatra, Italian Roast, French Roast (both regular & decaf), Espresso Roast, Colombia, Costa Rica, Sidamo Gold, House Blend (both regular & decaf), Breakfast Blend, Roasted Safari Nut, Hazelnut (both regular & decaf), French Vanilla, and Irish Creme. The little packets of coffee are great. They have a little scale from 1 to 5 that shows the strength of each coffee or coffee blend. For instance, Sumatra is a 5 (strongest) and Breakfast Blend is a 2 (next to the weakest). The packet also lets you know if it is a single-source coffee, or a blend, and gives a description of the flavor on the back.

PROS: The unit is affordable. No clean-up or priming is required between drinks. Set-up is easy. Making the drinks is easy and actually quite fun. Very pleasing design which comes in several colors (Black, Ice Blue and Red), and takes up very little counter space. Good quality coffees and whole leaf teas. Very easy to make a tasty cappuccino with absolutely no clean-up required afterwards.

CONS: I wish the Fusion would come with the option to hard-plumb it to a water source like the other two units because the water reservoir is relatively small. We keep a little container next to it which we use to keep the water reservoir full. It's easier to do it that way than to remove the water reservoir and refill it. Although there is a good selection of coffees and teas, I wish there were even more choices. Flavia recently added a 'Milky Way Swirl' packet to use to make flavored lattes. It's actually very tasty, though a little sweet. Am looking forward to future flavors and choices -- just wish they'd hurry!

RECOMMENDATION: Okay, if you are a hard-core coffee lover and must froth your own cappuccino milk, or you like 'grande low fat soy house blend lattes', etc., this probably isn't the machine for you. However, if you don't drink a lot of coffee (a full pot is too much) or the members of your household have different coffee or hot drink preferences, then this is a great single-serve machine that makes surprisingly good coffee and other drinks and requires absolutely no clean-up or priming between drink types. This is the reason why we chose the Flavia Fusion over the other brands of single-serve coffee makers. Definitely check out this unit before deciding upon another single-serve coffee maker. http://www.myflavia.com

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