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High Traffic Dirt Requires High Traffic Cleaning; Get It Done With Resolve's "High Traffic Granules"

Dec 13, 2005 (Updated Feb 14, 2006)
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Pros:Easy to use, doesnít attract more dirt like wet cleaners, no odor.

Cons:Canít be used on Oriental or older antique rugs, may require additional treatments.

The Bottom Line: Stains, dirt and ice cream are no match for Resolve's High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Granules.

The former owner / owners of ‘the money pit’ must have, at some point in time, been clean freaks. You wouldn’t have been able to tell that from the condition of the house when we moved in though. Their attempts at home improvement left a lot to be desired and I am still dealing with a mystery odor from one of the bathroom sinks. In the basement there were a ton of cleaning products and several containers, still sealed, of this product. I didn’t think that I would have a use for this since the carpets on the first and second floor were new, that is until someone decided that ice cream looked better on the floor than in the bowl. After dropping the ice cream, the culprit didn’t really put his or heart into cleaning it up; they grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up - but all that did was push most of it into the carpeting so while it looked ‘clean’, it wasn’t. I didn’t know what to do short of renting a steam cleaner but then I would feel compelled to do the entire room. I’m anal retentive that way .. at least I can admit my shortcomings. Knowing that this was in the basement I decided to give it a try but I do have to admit, I didn’t think that this product would work on the embedded and now dried-to-a-bone ice cream.

Resolve High Traffic Granules

Like any other stain, the quicker you get to it, the better chance you have of cleaning it up. Since this was dried in place for more than a few days I didn’t think that some powdered / granule product would do anything for it. Since ice cream gets sticky when it starts to dry, every time someone would walk over it, dirt from their shoes would grind into it. I followed the instructions that were listed on the back of the bottle and saw that about 70% of the stain did lift up - I have no idea where it went but it did work its way out of the carpeting. Per the container I added more granules and worked on the stain some more. I started to get worried that all this rubbing was going to lighten the color of the carpeting in some way - I had that happen before and didn’t want to have to deal with a spot that was clean but didn’t match the rest of the room. The brush that was attached to the overpacking of the bottle did a great job at getting about 95% of the stain out, even someone as anal about cleaning can live with 5%.

I guess this would be a good time to mention that the bottles that are in the basement are labeled as a “Starter Pack” and come with a large heavy duty brush. It’s labeled as “Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaning Granules” and is the same thing as the regular ‘refill’ type packs that don’t have the brush. I was concerned with how long they may have been sitting in the basement so I called the toll free number on the container and asked them if there was some type of an expiration date. I was told that as long as the granules were still moist the product was fine. Since almost all of the containers had a heavy plastic wrapper around them, the granules were still in great shape when I opened them. This also meant that I got a brand new scrubbing brush with each container - something that I am extremely thankful for. Once you get something like grease or oil on it, it is a little hard to clean so have a few spares around lets me be a little less anal retentive.


Remember when I said that stains are best tackled when they first happen - well, I may want to retract that. If you are dealing with something like chocolate syrup or anything liquid, if you hit it with this when it’s still wet without first trying to soak up as much with paper towels, you are going to probably do more harm than good. At the bottom of the instruction panel it clearly states that you should allow wet stains to dry completely before you use this - that’s good advice unless you want to make the situation worse. Start by sprinkling the granules over the area that needs treated. Don’t just dump it out in a huge clump, spread it around so that you get even coverage. Take the brush [if your package comes with one] and start to work the granules into the carpet. They say that you shouldn’t work with anything larger than a two foot by five foot area at one time to prevent the granules from drying up. Honestly, if you have a “stain” bigger than that, it isn’t a stain, it’s something that requires a steam cleaner. But I digress. If you are working the product in and there is still a stain, add more granules and keep scrubbing away. Wait about a half hour then vacuum it up.

Now the things that they don’t tell you on the container. First off, make sure that all your pets are out of the room while you are using this as well as having a way to keep them out of the room while it is drying. Deeper carpets will require more drying time and you don’t want a dog or cat to come trotting through and start to investigate. Make sure that you clean the brush after you are done using it; if you slack and figure that you’ll ‘get to it later’, you’ll probably forget about it and have to clean it before you go to use it in the future which means you’ll have to let it dry completely - adding to your frustration. Make sure that you screw the lid on evenly; the granules should be moist in order to be most effective so if you don’t screw the lid on correctly, the cleaning product in it will evaporate.


I have no idea what this costs because there were more than a few of them in the basement. I did some checking in stores and found that there’s a huge price difference between grocery stores and places like Target and Wal-Mart. They were both selling this for about four dollars a container which seems like a great deal when you consider that it will clean up to an eight by ten foot area. That doesn’t mean that you have to use it all at on time, just that you can get that much cleaning area from one container. The packages that are in the basement are 18 ounces and come with the Resolve Carpet Brush that can be reattached to the side for storage. When I go through the bottles that are in the basement there’s no doubt that I will buy more of this. It’s easy to use, gets up most stains without having to really bust your hump and there’s no offensive odor.

The Bottom Line

This is a nice alternative to using a spray on product or renting steam cleaning equipment but it isn’t all that effective if you are dealing with a huge area. Since you have to work against the clock so that the granules don’t dry up, you are limited to how much of an area you can treat at any given time. This is a great product to use on areas of carpet that see a lot of foot traffic, with winter upon us that means kids tracking in snow and salt getting ground into the carpets. Having a product like this around lets you tackle those types of things without having to wait a day for it to dry completely or having to lay down rugs or sheets to cover them so they don’t attract dirt while drying. You will want to test this product out on a test piece of carpeting first to make sure that it won’t damage it or fade it but so far I haven’t had any trouble with that. If this product doesn’t work, there are others in the Resolve line that you can pick up to treat stains and dirt patches so don’t give up!

As always, thanks for the read!

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