Char-Broil Black Grill Paint 4184654

Char-Broil Black Grill Paint 4184654

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Keep Your Grill Looking Like New

Dec 18, 2005 (Updated May 17, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to apply and should last for several seasons.


The Bottom Line: Char-Broil Black Grill Paint does a very nice job of restoring a grill to it's original beauty.

After several season's of use, my gas grill was starting to look a little tired. I started contemplating replacing it with a new model but I had paid over $300 for this one and I wanted to get more of my monies worth before I scrapped this one. When I went to several of our local Home and Garden stores(Home Depot and Lowe's), I became even more determined to keep the one I have for several more years. You know what I mean if you have priced any grills in the last couple of months. WOW! The price they are asking for new Char-Broil or Weber grills is higher that I expected.

After looking around I happened to be walking through the grill accessory area when I noticed several cans of Char-Broil Black Grill Paint. I quickly picked up one of the cans and started reading the directions. After reading several lines, I figured that I could do this and 2 cans was only going to cost me a total of $3.89. That was a big savings over $389 for a new grill.

Re-Reading Directions
As soon as I got home I sat down and re-read the can's directions. I quickly knew I had to go back to the Home Depot and get some degreaser to clean the grill before painting. This only cost me another 45 minutes and $7.99 but I should have known better, in the first place, and paid more attention to the directions while I was in the store.

I was now ready to refresh the looks of my grill.

Prep Work
The first thing I had to do was to remove all the grates and burners from the grill. I then sprayed the entire inside of the grill with degreaser and let it sit for 1 hour. At this point I took my garden hose and washed the entire grill, inside and out, to remove any grease and dirt before painting. I soon discovered that just letting the degreaser sit wasn't enough and that it needed a little help. I grabbed a sponge (glad I had one and didn't need to go buy one), and washed the inside 2 more times before I got out all the grease. I then let the grill dry but by this time it was getting dark and I decided to wait until the next day.

The next day, after drying a few wet spots where the water had accumulated, I let the grill set out in the sun for another hour. I removed the propane tank, and covered the gas measure/meter with masking tape. I was now ready to start painting.

Applying the paint was very easy. Using short quick easy strokes it took only 20 minutes to do the entire inside of the grill. I used only about 2/3 of the can and decided that the outside was going to get the same treatment. After another 20 minutes I was done and it only used up 1/2 of the second can. I kept the rest for a possible touch-up in the future.

After the job was complete didn't use the grill for a couple of days. They recommend 24 hours but I didn't need it so I let it sit longer. I then replaced the grates, burner, 20 lb. propane, and removed the masking tape. I lit the grill and let it heat for 20 minutes. I wanted to make sure that there was no smell from the paint left behind on my first hamburgers.

The can of Char-Broil Black Grill Paint is 12 oz. and is a semi-gloss paint. It will resist high temperatures of up to 900 degrees. When using this paint make sure you are in a well ventilated area and what you are painting is not hot. Actually they recommend somewhere between 60 and 90 degrees for best paint set. I applied mine outside but it was a very clam day. I would recommend wearing safety glasses and a light fiber (mouth & nose) mask if you are painting inside or outside to be safe. Also make sure there are no pets nearby and no smoking please.

It has been 6 months since I resurfaced my grill and so far everything still looks really nice. None of the paint has blistered or lifted up. I guess that those 3 washings did indeed get all the grease off. The luster hasn't faded a bit. Looking back I'm glad I took the time to clean and repaint my grill instead of buying another. I really like the Weber grill I have and it serves me well.

One lesson I learned from this task was to clean my grill at the start of each season and prevent the build-up I encountered before my paint job. It also has to be a lot more sanitary.

If you are looking to refinish your tired old grill, try a couple of cans of Char-Broil Black Grill Paint, you'll like the job it does for you.

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