One Name In Audio That You Can Never Go Wrong With!

Sep 22, 2001

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The Bottom Line This here is one of the greatest brands you can ever find, you can't go wrong with it!

There is one name in home audio that is simply amazing. Even though they don't make speakers like B&W, M&K, and Eggleston Sounworks, they have never really made a product... Some can say that they are the founders of good speakers... Their speakers are very high quality without any doubt. These speakers also have some of the best prices that you can ever imagine.

-Enter The World Of JBL-
*If any brand can say that they make some of the greatest speakers with the most effective technologies implemented into speakers, I think JBL has a right to say so. Before the Northridge and Studio series came out, JBL had tons of speakers on the market. I have never seen a bad speaker from JBL. JBL holds out strong in home theater with the budget, and also plays very competitively in the mid- to high-range with its studio series products. JBL can be purchased from stores like Best Buy, but it is best to purchase them off the internet (Mainly for the ultimately best prices. Without doubt, JBL proves their statements with their product quality. Their products do everything they are supposed to do, and even much more than that. Don't do Bose, do JBL. Bose just claims, JBL makes things happen.

-The Northridge Series-
*This is JBL's budget line of speakers. But don't think that budget means cheap or poor quality. Without any doubt, Northridge series speakers will kill most competitors flat out in the price range. At stores like Best Buy, they can be pricey, but if you go to, you will find deals that will nearly make you wet your pants. But anyhow, the Northridge series speakers are very similar to the Studio series speakers which are JBL's upper-line. Actually, they are twins, but the Studio series is simply better. So, JBL claims to use a bunch of cool technologies in their speakers... Even the Northridge speakers. Things such as EOS waveguides that fill the entire room with sweet high frequencies. Titanium tweeters which have very nice and realistic high frequencies; and finally Freeflow bass technology which is an excellent method of ported bass dispersal. This allows a whole lot of bass with no port noises. Do they really work? Yes they do. JBL actually makes real claims unlike Bose.

*The Northridge speakers have a EOS titanium-laminate tweeter that gives out very smooth, realistic, and filling high frequencies. The midrange and bass drivers both are made out of the polymer Polyplas which is excellent quality. A lot of speaker companies use polypropyleine, but JBL uses the Polyplas which I think has EXCELLENT sound reproduction. In the price range that these speakers are in, they are simple superior. For instance, I was capable of finding the JBL ND310 3-Way speakers for ~$320 a pair which is dirt cheap. It's very hard to beat these speakers, even with some $1,000 speakers! So if you're on a smaller budget but still want great sound, you really would love to hear out the JBL Northridge speakers!

-Studio Series Speakers-
*The Studio Series speakers are very similar to the Northridge speakers. However, they are a big step. However, the frames and bases that they are built on are just about identicle. However, the major difference is in the drivers. The tweeter in the Studio Series is better than those in the Northridge series, because these ones are made of pure-titanium. It gives even better high frequencies along with EOS technology. Also, the midrange and bass drivers are in cast alluminun baskets. Even though the drivers themselves are made of Polyplas, the alluminum baskets truly make the sound better.

*Once again, if you look at websites like, you will find deals that are very hard to resist, and prices that are much less than what stores cost, or what the MSRP actually is. Without any doubt, the Studio Series speakers are vast, and also they are EXCELLENT quality. This is what you'd expect from JBL, or what you'd expect from Bose if their claims were real. Having trouble deciding on mid- to high-range speakers for your home theater? No fear, JBL is here! Just go to a website that carries JBL at awesome prices, and buy yourself some.

-TiK Series-
*The TiK series from JBL is expensive, and very exotic looking. These speakers have a very unique look to them. Something in the lines of JM Lab and B&W. If you want something that looks great, and also something that sounds as good as it looks, then buy the TiK series speakers. Without any doubt, these carry the JBL sound quality as well as drop-dead sexy looks. I know that there are companies that make their speakers look good, but they end up sounding terrible... The brand is Bang & Olufsen. Then there is B&W and JM Lab which have good looking speakers, but they are way too expensive in most cases. The JBL TiK speakers are another great alternative. They won't cost you $5,000 to $10,000 like some of the excellent and exotic B&W and JM Lab speakers. Some good floor standing TiKs will cost about $2,500, and the top-of-the-line 4-Ways (Which I would NOT buy) will cost about $4,000. I will never use 4-Way speakers because I prefer seperate subwoofers, nothing at all against JBL. JBL has done it again, great sound at a... err... nice price... But hey! They did it in style!

-In Conclusion-
*JBL makes some of the best speakers in the world. I believe that they have never made a bad speaker. They put a lot of research and effort into making their speakers. They make claims that are actually true, while names like Bose simply make claims that are total hogwash. Anyhow, if you can't decide on a good brand of speakers, you can always trust JBL whether your going into the low-range market, or even into the high-range market. JBL demonstrates that you don't have to pay a premium price to get premium sound.

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