Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

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Drano Max Gel Clog Remover --- The best product out there for cleaning out drains

Jan 23, 2006 (Updated Jan 30, 2006)
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Pros:works quickly, many different uses for product, very easy to use


The Bottom Line: Drano Max Gel is really a great product for removing those clogs that can cause problems in your sink or drains.

Having a drain that just doesn't flow, or takes forever to let the water empty out is just not something that is fun. When you have a clogged sink you want something that is going to work fast at removing it. That is where a product like Drano comes into play. More specifically, we went with Drano Max Professional Strength Gel to get this job done. The sink had been draining slowly for a little while now, but the water was still going down and it was more of a nuisance than a hindrance. That was until the water started barely going down at all, meaning it was time to go out and get a product that would help us out. We went to an Albertson's grocery store, and after a quick review of some of the products, we ended up going with the Drano Max Gel. It wasn't a cheap product at slightly more than $4.00 for a 32 ounce bottle, but most of the competing brands were right around the same price. I guess you can put a price on having a clean-flowing sink, and for us that was $4.00.

Following the instructions, we poured 1/2 of the bottle of Drano Max Gel slowly into the sink, and it drained itself down into the pipes. The instructions say that if it is an extreme block that you should go with the full bottle, but since this was our first try, we decided to just try the _ first. The instructions then say to wait 15 minutes before taking the next step, but we gave it closer to 30 minutes before we were ready to go for broke. That next step is to flush it out with hot water, and hope that the Drano cleared out everything that was causing a clog. From there, you are supposed to repeat the process if the first attempt at clearing it didn't work. Upon turning on the water to wash the Drano (and the clog) out of the pipes, a surprising thing happened: the drain was working like it was brand new. Running water into the sink, it was working even better than the first time we had used the sink in the apartment. The water was going right down the drain, and not only that, the Drano had cleaned out the area around the drain as well. This was just a little added bonus, but it further accentuated the fact that the Drano Max Gel had worked perfectly for us.

Having the product work so well on the first attempt was something quite exciting to us. I knew right away that I would have to come write up a review on just how well the Drano Max Gel worked. They sell the gel in a nice red bottle which you can get either 32 or 64 ounces of. Using only half the bottle on a very clogged drain, it cleaned it out very well, and the drain is still working better than it ever did before. The Drano products can be found at any grocery store, and most hardware stores that sell products for the home. Instructions are clearly indicated on the back of the bottle, and if you follow them exactly as they are written, I think you are going to come away with some very nice results. There are many uses that it indicates that the Drano will work on, and those include: standing water, a slow drain, metal & plastic pipes, septic systems, bath tub & sink, kitchen sinks (with or without a garbage disposal), and laundry/utility areas. It doesn't recommend using it on toilets though, so I would probably avoid trying to use this specific Drano for that job.

On the bottle there are a number of safety warnings that they also add on there to make sure you aren't using the product incorrectly. They tell you to open it carefully, to avoid splashing, and to clean up spills if they should ever occur. It is dangerous to squeeze the bottle, to have it come into contact with eyes or skin, or to reuse the empty container for any other types of products. The biggest warning (in bold) is that you keep the product out of the reach of children, because it will be very harmful if swallowed. Questions in regards of what to do in case any of these occur are answered on the back of the bottle in the form of instructions, and information on who to contact. There is also contact information for the company as well as the web-site you can go to for any further information. Needless to say, this Drano product can be very dangerous to use if you aren't using it properly. But, if you follow the instructions, and make sure you are taking all the precautions necessary to use it correctly, you are going to come away with some great results. I find myself highly recommending the Drano Max Gel because it does such a great job, and is so easy to use that you won't be spending more than 2 or 3 minutes using it. So if you have a clogged sink, go pick up a bottle and you will walk away very happy with the end results.

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