Jan 30, 2006
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Pros:It's cheap. It works.

Cons:It looks old quick and becomes an eyesore on the countertop.

The Bottom Line: You DO get what you pay for. This product is no exception.

I normally use a toaster-oven but when my old one went out, which happened as I was making breakfast, I made a quick run around the corner to the Dollar Store and bought the Proctor Silex 2-slice wide slot toaster so that I could finish breakfast. It was cheap, in fact it cost a whole $8.00. But it was a toaster and I needed toast.


ˇ Automatic toast boost lifts slices higher
ˇ Auto shutoff
ˇ Cool-wall sides
ˇ Shade selector

The “Automatic toast boost” seems to lift the toast high but no higher than any other toaster I have used. However, I have never had a problem with toast not popping up far enough to grab easily without burning the hands.

The “Auto shutoff” works well and I never have a problem with it.

The “Cool-wall sides” are a must for me. In fact, I would consider any toaster without this feature to be dangerous. The sides stay cool, even when I make a lot of toast.

The “Shade selector” is a little off. I like my toast mediumly toasted but it barely toasts the bread on this setting. So I set it on darker and it does the trick.

This toaster also has “wide slots” which works great for me as I like Texas Toast and it also does a nifty job on bagels.


This toaster only comes in glossy white. It has a sleek design and is made of metal. Since I bought it, I have noticed scorch marks around the top of the slots which won’t wash off. These appeared after about two weeks of use and I was disappointed. Of course, now it was an eyesore on my countertop so I have to put it away in between use.


This toaster has a swing-open crumb tray which makes it easy to clean. Just lay it on its side on top of a paper towel and swing open the tray. I usually wipe it off with a damp cloth and if anything is stuck in the cracks, I clean it out with Q-tips (I rarely have to do this though). The outer part of the toaster, I clean with a little windex and Bob’s yer Uncle!


With the purchase of the Proctor Silex 2-slice wide slot toaster, I had a taste of “you get what you pay for”. This is a functioning toaster but signs of wear and tear start immediately. I will be purchasing another toaster or maybe a toaster oven as I like my appliances to be at hand in the kitchen. However, I don’t want a product that shows signs of use which makes it look ugly. Furthermore, I think a product that shows wear quickly is probably also wearing out quickly.

I will probably use this toaster as a back-up and for the $8.00 I paid for it, I can’t complain. I wouldn’t recommend it based on its appearance after only a short amount of use.

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