Euro-Pro 10-Speed Pro Mixer with Rotating Bowl EP585W

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Euro-Pro makes mixing a breeze at a great price!

Feb 2, 2006 (Updated Jan 16, 2011)
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Pros:Great price. Can be used as a stand mixer or a hand mixer. Accessories.

Cons:Not a heavy duty mixer. Takes up more space than conventional mixer.

The Bottom Line: Euro-Pro offers an affordable alternative to KitchenAid's fancy mixers.

Early last month, I began to see signs that my seven year old Krups hand mixer was starting to die. I was never all that wild about the hand mixer anyway, so I wasn't too upset when it finally quit while I was making cheese souffles. I managed to get the mixer going again long enough for me to finish making the meringue; then, I headed off to my computer to search for a new mixer. I have long admired KitchenAid's heavy duty stand mixers, but I have less admiration for the heavy duty price tag. KitchenAid's mixers retail for as much as $200 and that's a little more than I want to spend on a kitchen gadget right now. I happened to find a great alternative when I found the Euro-Pro 10-Speed Pro Mixer with Rotating Bowl on

I have to admit that part of the reason I was attracted to my new Euro-Pro 10-Speed Pro Mixer was the fact that I could use it as a stand mixer. Anyone who has made meringue knows that sometimes it can take a long time for those egg whites to stiffen and using a hand mixer can be really tiring. With my new mixer, all I have to do is place a rotating bowl on the stand, plug in my mixer, plug the mixer into the stand, turn on the rotator and the mixer and go about my business. It's very convenient not to have to hold my mixer anymore; now that I've had this mixer for a month, I wonder how I ever got along without it.

The Euro-Pro 10-Speed Pro Mixer with Rotating Bowl is made of heavy duty plastic and has a shipping weight of 13 pounds. It measures 8 by 12 by 13 inches high with the head down and packs a solid 325 watts of power. The mixer comes with regular beaters, dough hooks, a plastic lid, and two bowls, one plastic, and one metal. The Euro-Pro mixer comes in at least three different colors. I have a white mixer, but it also comes in black and red. When I purchased my mixer, it was priced at $10 less than the red and black versions. I don't know why the white one was cheaper, since they otherwise appear to offer identical functions. The head on the stand is tiltable, making it easy to remove the mixer and the bowls, and the handle on the mixer is ergonomically friendly, so when you have to use the hand mixer alone, it will take longer to wear out your hands and arms.

One thing I really like about this mixer is that it supports three way mixing action. There's a switch on the stand that rotates the bowl in one direction while the beaters rotate in the other direction, making it easier and more efficient to blend ingredients. And, if need be, the mixer can be detached from the stand and used as a regular hand mixer. I like the fact that this mixer has ten different speeds, plus a button for short bursts of extra power. My old Krups mixer only had three speeds on it and the beaters weren't nearly as nice as the ones on my new Euro-Pro mixer. On my old mixer, the beaters would sometimes fall out while I was using them; I haven't had that problem with my new Euro-Pro mixer. The beaters stay secure; what's more, they're shaped differently than other beaters I've seen. The actual "beater" part is longer, making it easer to mix when the bowls are fuller. While I can't say that the Euro-Pro is super quiet, I will say that it makes no more or less noise than other mixers I've used. I've also found the Euro-Pro mixer easy to clean. Just wipe off the electric part with a damp cloth and put the beaters and bowls in the dishwasher.

The one thing I've had to get used to while using the Euro-Pro mixer is that because it's a stand mixer, it takes up more space than my old mixer did. Instead of just putting the mixer and the beaters away, I now have to find space for the mixer, the beaters, the stand, and the two bowls. All of those extra parts take up a lot of space in my cabinets. However, I will add that this mixer seems smaller than others I've seen, especially those made by KitchenAid.

With all of the positive stuff I have written about the Euro-Pro mixer, I must also offer a drawback. This mixer probably wouldn't be useful for long to someone who uses it every day. It's not as heavy duty as a professional grade mixer and will not perform as such. However, I'd definitely recommend the Euro-Pro mixer for small households and medium usage. While it may not satisfy a culinary professional, I think it's more than adequate for us amateur chefs.

The Euro-Pro mixer comes with a one year limited warranty in case something should happen to go wrong. I've been using my mixer for a month and have yet to have any problems with it. I love the freedom of being able to use my mixer on its stand or as a conventional hand mixer and I also appreciate the fact that it offers ten different speeds. I paid $39.99 for this mixer and definitely feel like I got my money's worth. No, it's not as fancy as a KitchenAid mixer, but for now, the Euro-Pro 10 Speed Pro Mixer will certainly do fine for my needs.

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