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Spray away the yucky stuff!

Feb 4, 2006
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Pros:I feel like stuff is clean.

Cons:May leave a sticky residue.

The Bottom Line: This spray will kill germs, and help your family from getting sick so much.

Lysol is a household name that I trust. That’s why I have stuck with Lysol Spray Disinfectant for so long. I like to switch up and try different scents, and the most recent one I have tried is the Green Apple Breeze scent. I have read other reviews on this scent, and I think I am the only one out there that likes it. This particular scent comes in a pretty bright green can- the can I have is an 18 oz can, and I believe I paid about $3.50 for it.

Here is what Lysol has to say about this spray: (taken from the website)

You do all you can to keep your kids safe and warm but you can’t always keep them away from germs during the cold and flu season. Your best defense against nasty cold and flu viruses is prevention and protection.

One of the ways you can help to lower your family’s risk of catching and spreading a cold or flu is to help keep your home clean AND disinfected. Germs can live on surfaces for long periods of time. Cleaning with soap and water only removes dirt, it does not kill germs.

Use LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray to kill 99.9% of germs on commonly touched surfaces throughout the home. LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray is easy to use in every room and it helps keep germs off areas your family comes in contact with every day.

*When used as directed, LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray and LYSOLŽ Sanitizing Wipes kill RSV and Influenza A2 on hard, non-porous surfaces.

LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray is an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills many viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew on environmental surfaces in the home and in public places.

It eliminates many germs and odors on hard nonporous surfaces that you come into contact with everyday such as doorknobs, toilet areas, telephones and garbage pails.

LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray comes in 3 sizes: 12.0 oz., 18.0 oz., and 19.0 oz. Professional size. Crisp LinenŽ is available in a 6.0 oz. as well.

Some of the germs LYSOLŽ Disinfectant Spray eliminates on hard non-porous surfaces include

- Staph and Strep
- Salmonella
- Escherichia coli
- Campylobacter

- Athlete’s Foot Fungus
- Mold and Mildew

- Rhinovirus -The leading cause of the common cold
- Rotavirus - The leading cause of infectious diarrhea in children
- Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) – The leading cause of lower respiratory infection in children
- Poliovirus Type 1
- Adenovirus Type 2
- Herpes Simplex Virus Types 1 and 2
- Hepatitis A

Alkyl (50% C14, 40 % C12, 10% C16)
Dimethyl benzyl ammonium saccharinate 0.106%
Ethanol 79.646%
Inert ingredients 20.248%

Directions for use:

This product meets AOAC germicidal spray product test standards for hospital aerosol disinfectants. It is violation against federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with the labeling. Hold product upright, 6 to 8 inches from surface. To disinfect, for precleaned surfaces, spray 2 to 3 seconds until covered with mist. Allow to stand 10 minutes to air dry. For hard, non porous food contact surfaces spray until covered with mist, then allow to stand 10 minutes, then rinse well. To sanitize, spray until covered with mist, let stand for 30 seconds, then rinse well. To prevent mold and mildew and their odors, spray precleaned surface until covered with mist, repeat when necessary. To deodorize, spray on surfaces as needed. This spray eliminates odors by killing many germs that cause odors. It eliminates odors at the source.

As with any cleaner or disinfectant, keep them out of reach of children. If this product does make contact with your eyes, rinse with water for 15 to 20 minutes, removing contacts after 5, then consult with the poison control center or doctor thereafter. This stuff is flammable, and under pressure. To not puncture of incinerate container. Exposure to temperature over 130 degrees Fahrenheit may cause bursting. Do not use on polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, rayon fabrics, or acrylic plastics.


My husband says that I have cleaning spells. This is true, especially after I or someone in the house has been sick. Over Christmas, I had Strep throat. I was really concerned about my 2 year old and my 4 year old catching it. I sprayed Lysol in all the rooms and on the couch, and carpet. They did not catch Strep throat! Now, that might have been pure luck, but at least I did take the precautionary measures by using Lysol- because it does kill Strep.

I really use this spray a lot during the winter- that’s when there is an uprising of germs indoors. I also work at an elementary school, and we use this spray a lot to sanitize chairs and tables.
I find this spray useful for all sorts of stuff- it will take the stinky out of the garbage can, and diaper pail. I also use it on a new shower curtain before anyone takes a shower- it really helps to prevent mold and mildew on it, making it last a whole lot longer. I have also used it on the tile in the shower, it will prevent you from scrubbing mildew and mold so much. Helps bring down the odor of stinky cat litter also. I also use it in the car from time to time, just to keep the air sanitized. You never really think about that old air in the car, but it could be carrying bad ‘ol germs too. I have sprayed it on the doorknobs, but I find that it leaves a sticky residue and a white film on them. Also, I periodically spray my shoes out with Lysol- I had a nurse tell me to do that after having a nail fungus.

As for the Apple Breeze Scent, I guess I am the only one on Epinions that likes it. All the other reviews I have read about this scent say they think it smells terrible. But, I like it myself. I think it smells like green apples. It sort of reminds me of Jolly Rancher green apple candy.

Lysol is good stuff- go get some!

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