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Febreze NOTICEables--not for the faint of nose

Feb 15, 2006
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Pros:Scents last for more then 30 days on low intensity, has adjustable intensity control

Cons:The scents are overwhelmingly strong, can irritate allergies/asthma

The Bottom Line: I would only recommend this to people who like very strong scents. I think the product concept is good, I just wish the scents were more subtle.

Description: Febreze NOTICEables is an alternating scent oil warmer for use indoors. It automatically alternates scents throughout the day about every 45 minutes so that you don't get used to one scent. It's also supposed to eliminate odors in the air caused by bacteria. The following refill scents are available:

Morning Walk and Cleansing Rain
Calypso Breeze and Hawaiian Paradise
Pink Magnolia and Jasmine Breeze
Vanilla Refresh and Vanilla Bean
Clothesline Breeze and Meadow Songs

I was sent the Calypso Breeze/Hawaiian Paradise scents to try out by Hass MS&L in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.

As soon as I opened the box they were shipped in, the scents overwhelmed me. I started sneezing and later developed a headache. I knew I couldn't have this product in my home, so I decided to test it in my garage. When I opened the plastic casing the product comes in the smell immediately got even stronger. I unscrewed the caps on the oil and was easily able to install them in the unit. I did not experience any problems with leaking, but the odor of the oils stayed on my hands for several hours.

Before I even plugged the unit in the smell permeated my garage. Although I set the unit to the minimum intensity, after a couple hours I could smell it in my kitchen as well (my kitchen opens onto the garage). Aside from my physical reactions to the scents, they are just way too intense for my taste. I prefer a whiff of odor instead of being overwhelmingly surrounded by it. As soon as my husband got home he inquired as to the odor in the garage (it was not to his taste, either). Even my 5-year old noticed it when we got in the car this morning. I can only imagine how strong the smell would be in the smaller confines of our regular living space.

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