Tenderness, Love, Compassion!!!

Sep 29, 2001

The Bottom Line Security through loving arms can get a child through anything they may face in this world full of tragedy and hate.

In my childhood, the best ways to let a child know you loved them was to beat them or show them when they were bad. In the house I was raised in I fought to prove my love. Though this may seem completely wrong and as if it are a irrational way to grow up and to be shown love, more young kids today are facing the same situations, but are keeping it more of a secret than before.

In our house, every weekend was a abusive battle. Whether it be my father and mother, father and stepmother, or father and us kids, there was countless hours of screaming, beatings, and near death experiences. If only my father would have known what he was doing to us internally. Not physically but emotionally and mentally. He has made myself so insecure I hate to be alone. I feel TLC is the best way to show you love a kid. By showing tenderness, love, and compassion, in other words, tender loving care... a child will know his or her security. WIthout the security of a loving parent, we grow up with a very insecure personality always relying on others to make it FOR YOU... life does not work that way anymore, if it ever did.

It is so important, especially now with the different terrorism attacks, and tragic school shootings, and such happening to make sure your child knows they are secure in your arms. They can come running home to mom and dad and have a place to run when they are afraid. If something happens they know they have a place to hide when they are scared, but also a place to find wisdom in tough times. They learn their respect, honor, and lessons from watching parents. I may not have my own children in the flesh but I have been through enough to tell you... if you do not give your child a secure place to rest, they will get so worn out they will want to give up not only on themselves but on the world in general. This is happening younger and younger now.

I advice you look at how you are showing your child love. When they run home from school, with their heart pounding outta their chest because they just saw their best friend get shot in the chest at school, or because they just witnessed a tragic event like sept. 11th, are they running into your arms or to a empty bedroom to be alone? If they are running to be alone, run to them and wrap your arms of love around them and hold them until they feel secure. If you dont, you may just lose the only thing in your life that matters more to you than your own life does.

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