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Febreze NOTICEables - As strong as you need it to be!

Feb 17, 2006 (Updated Feb 17, 2006)
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Pros:Plug rotates, two scents in one, adjustable intensity control, light shows which scent being used.

Cons:Heavy, glass vial, really strong scent at first, vials can leak.

The Bottom Line: This is our new, plug in, air freshener!

Between the cat, the dog and dirty diapers, sometimes the smell of our home is less than desirable. I made Chili the other night and when I went outside for the mail, and then came back in, I could still smell fried hamburger and onions, making my poor tummy curl. I didn't notice it until I had gone out and came back in.

I used to have Glade Plug Ins, but when we moved they got tossed in the trash. I kept meaning to pick something else up and I kept forgetting, at least until we got home from the store. We had some sprays, but I wanted something that gave off scent all day long. Candles are out, for the most part, because Zacky doesn't understand "hot" and he likes the pretty flame.

Enter Febreze NOTICEables. When I first received the package, I'll be honest, the smell about gagged me. It was so strong! My poor nose started to run. I went ahead and used it, however, knowing that over time I wouldn't notice it as much.

Febreze NOTICEables are roughly 4" tall, 2 1/2" wide and 3" thick. The scents are in a glass container that snaps into the bottom. It's divided, inside, down the middle, with each side holding a different scent. I'm not thrilled that they're glass. It makes the whole thing heavy and I find myself having to push it back into the plug at least every other day.

The scents that come together compliment each other. The Febreze NOTICEables will change back and forth between the two scents on it's own so that you don't get bored or used to one scent all of the time. There is a green light on the top of the heating unit that shows you which side it is currently using, if you remember which one is which. I didn't pay much attention when I snapped them into place.

Febreze NOTICEables are very easy to use.

From the package

~Unscrew both caps on fragrance refill and discard.
~Insert bottle into warmer until you hear it click.
~Adjust warmer to desired intensity (Low-High)
~Insert warmer unit UPRIGHT into outlet. Rotate plug if necessary. Placing warmer on it's side or upside down will cause leakage.

One of the things I really like about Febreze NOTICEables is that the plug rotates. All of the outlets in our apartment are upside down. How they managed, I will never know. I have had a lot of problems with this, between appliances and night lights. It drives us both nuts to see our son's nightlight upside down. Since the Febreze NOTICEables plug rotates, we don't have that problem anymore. Why someone didn't think of this sooner, I have no idea!

You do have to be careful with the fragrance vial. It's glass and it's heavy. I'm always afraid that our son will bump the unit and it'll drop from the outlet. So far it hasn't, but it's something I really watch for. Also, the caps that you discard when you first open your Febreze NOTICEables often leak if someone has turned the package upside down in the store. Both refills have leaked on us so far, no matter how careful we try to be.

While the scent was super strong when we first received it, after we plugged it in, it settled down. I was afraid that with my allergies that this might be a problem, but it wasn't. The first day was kind of hairy, but by the next day the scents were pleasing. We even picked up a second one to put near the cat box, for obvious reasons.

If you have a large, open home, like we do, you'll need more than one unit going or you won't smell them as you change rooms. We have one in the kitchen and one that we purchased upstairs near the catbox. When we move about our home, there are places that we can't smell it. We'd need at least two more for the scent to cover the whole house, at the minimum.

Febreze NOTICEables are said to last 30 days, if the intensity is set on low, which ours are. We've had our first unit not quite a month now and it's still going. By looking at the liquid levels in the vial, which is clear, I'd say we have maybe a week left before I need to use the refill that we already have ready to go. The other one we've only had about two weeks. I'm not sure exactly how long they will last on the high setting.

Compared to other units I have tried, I really like the Febreze NOTICEables. My negatives aren't enough to keep me from recommending them or using them. The changing scents are really nice, and the adjustable plug is great! I just wish that I was able to find different scents. I know that they're available, but our Wal-Mart has been out every time we go in. It's aggravating, but I've grown to like the scent that we do have. It's kind of tropical. It's like going to the tropics without leaving my home!

I am hoping to find and try a couple of the other scents soon. Since each room will need it's own, it should be easy to put whatever scents that I want in each room without them over-powering each other. I just have to hope that Wal-Mart gets it together and gets the other scents in!

From the package:

Scents Available:

Tropical - Calypso Breeze/Hawaiian Paradise(We have this one)
Outdoor - Morning Walk/Cleansing Rain
Floral - Jasmine Breeze/Pink Magnolia
Vanilla - Vanilla Refresh/Vanilla Bean
Linen - Clothesline Breeze/Meadow Songs


Eye Irritant. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Do not put fingers into product vent. Wash hands after handling. If eye contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water for 20 minutes. If eye irritation persists, consult a physician or poison control center immediately.

~Read all instructions before using.
~To reduce risk of injury, keep out of reach of children and pets. Product not a toy. Intended for adult use only. Do not put fingers into product vent to avoid contact and minimize potential for burns.
~Risk of electrical shock. Use only in properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlet. For indoor use only. Do not use extension cords. Do not immerse in water or use in damp/wet areas.
~Do not use around open flame. Keep warmer and refills away from furniture, fabrics, bedding and other materials, which might present a fire hazard.
~Do not use in small, confined pet areas without adequate ventilation.
~Do not obstruct or block airflow from unit. Use only in areas with at least 12" clearance above the unit to avoid potential discoloration of surrounding surfaces. Do not place fragrance bottles or caps on finished wood surfaces.
~Do not use sideways or upside down as perfume oils will leak.
~Discontinue use if unit is dropped or damaged.

Cleaning Instructions:

Fragrance oils may collect on warmer over time. To clean, remove warmer from the outlet and wipe with clean, dry cloth.

This product was received free of charge from Hass MS&L in exchange for my honest opinion.

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