Taking Care Of Your Keyboard

Sep 30, 2001

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The Bottom Line Taking care of your keyboard is easy but you got to make sure you are doing the right thing.

A keyboard, the one part of the computer that is easy to use, but is it easy to clean? I have had many keyboards in my computer life and will have plenty more to come. I have made mistakes and I'm sure you will too. Since I know some about this topic I will try to help you with information about cleaning your keyboard.

Cleaning Tools


For dirt you must always have a can of air by your side. There is no doubt that if you use your computer, your keyboard will get dirty. The keys will fill up with dirt on the sides and dust will slowly form on your keyboard. Not to worry, canned air will blow all that stuff away. I recommend blowing your keyboard every two weeks if you use your computer a lot.


For drinks I recommend a few odd tools. If you happen to spill a drink on your keyboard such as pop or coffee, follow these steps.

1.) Stop typing right away.
2.) Wet your finger with spit or water within ten seconds.
3.) Wipe your finger in the spilled areas.
4.) Once cleaned get a wet cloth, towel, or toilet paper.
5.) Wipe the area and areas around it with that.
6.) Dry gently with a dry cloth.

Step 2 and 3 are very important to stop keys from sticking. Steps 4, 5, and 6 are needed to get all the liquid out. You may want to shut off your computer so you won't type anything while drying.

Hands, Drinks, Etc.


Make sure you wash your hands often while using your computer. I don't do this but I know it helps a lot. You may not want to wash your hands too much though because your computer keys don't like soap that much. If you don't wash your hands you will notice dirt forming at the tops of your keys, this dirt can be easily washed off carefully with small amounts warm water.


As a lot of us, we all want to have some sort of beverage by the computer, I know I do. If you can't avoid having a drink I recommend you have a secure cup holder in a place away from your computer. You need to make sure you remember where it is too because we tend to get involved with the computer too much and sometimes hit things. Please watch out for apple drinks, sugar pop, and coffee. Here is why.

Apple Drinks - Ever spill an apple drink on yourself? If you have you will notice it's about the stickiest thing in the world. It will also stick to your computer's keyboard, even worse.
Sugar Pop - I have spilled regular Coke one of my previous computers before, along with Diet Pepsi. The difference is that pop without sugar is less sticky.
Coffee - Although coffee may not be the sticky one, it is the stainer. Please be careful when you have a cup of coffee.

You can have a drink while you are at your computer, just make sure you have it in a safe and secure place.


We all have habits and stress and here are some encounters you might have with your keyboard.

Nose Picking - Ok, admit it, you have done it before at your computer. I must say that boogers on your keyboard is not a good thing. Make sure you get rid of the booger before you resume typing.
Nail Biting - I also have this habit which is one of my worst. If you are as bad as me your figures will be wet after a bite session. Don't worry though because spit cannot and will not hurt your keyboard. I still recommend drying your figures though.
Stress - If you play games and get into them like me you'll often get mad. You also get mad while doing reports or a bunch of question answering. Whenever you get like this you may want to hit your keyboard (I know I have). Please hold the feeling in! Hitting your keyboard can permanently damage it.

Other habits and stress related things should be thought over before typing.


Keys Sticking

If you have a key stuck or it is staying in it's down position longer than you want, you may have done one of the following things.

Spilled A Drink - Couldn't get to a spilled drink in time? Well, if the key goes down and comes back up slowly than that's what probably happened.
Relief Of Stress - Sometimes you want to hit the keyboard and probably you have. If the key seems broken then that's what probably happened. If you can wiggle the key out of its position, then it's probably broken.

If your recall doing on of those things then check this list and see if you can get it fixed.

Rapid Pushing - Push down the key many times and see if you can get the problem worked out. If it goes away a little each time keep on going. If nothing seems to happen, you better stop.
Replacing - If all else fails you might have to replace the certain key or the whole keyboard.

I hope this helps because I think it's about the most encountered problem when you have a bad keyboard.

Not Working

If your keyboard isn't working correctly please make sure that you have cleaned it. If you haven't cleaned it, please do so right away. You might have dirt in areas that you don't want. If cleaning doesn't work, just get another keyboard or make sure you have it set up correctly.

The Bottom Lines


Make a routine of cleaning and using your keyboard properly. If you do this, you shouldn't encounter many problems.

Dirt, Drinks, Etc.

Watch out! There is dirt and drinks everywhere. Be sure to maintain a clean computer area as well as having a sturdy cup holder.


In the course of your keyboard's life you are bound to encounter a problem. Just be sure you know what you are doing before you try anything funny or get another keyboard.

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