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EZ Slide Cutter – Reynolds Plastic Wrap is Better than Ever!

Feb 20, 2006
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Pros:strong plastic wrap, sticks well, EZ slide cutter much better than a metal tear-strip

Cons:won’t stick to all surfaces

The Bottom Line: The EZ Slide Cutter is a great improvement for this strong plastic wrap.

I have been using Reynolds Clear Plastic Wrap for years. Remember the old commercials for a certain brand-name plastic wrap where they would fill a bowl, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and turn the bowl upside-down. Behold! In the commercials, the plastic wrap always held firm. That never worked for me. Plastic wrap would never properly cling to my dishes until I tried Reynolds Clear Plastic Wrap.


I always purchase the 100 square foot roll of Reynolds Plastic Wrap. The size plastic wrap on the roll is 103 1/4" x 11 5/8" wide. The plastic wrap is packaged in a rectangular cardboard box. The wrap itself is on a roll with a heavy-duty cardboard core.

The old packaging consisted of a metal tear-strip with razor-like teeth. The plastic wrap would unroll from the tube and rip across the metal tear-strip. Yanking the wrap down on the metal teeth would sever the plastic wrap from the roll. Sometimes it would also tear a few strips of flesh from the fingers.

Reynolds Wrap has introduced a new, safer method for cutting the plastic wrap. No more jagged metal teeth for cutting. Instead, there is a built-in “EZ slide” plastic cutter with a tiny razor blade encased in the plastic. Pull the plastic wrap from the roll across the flat plastic cutter bar. There is a groove along the center of the cutter bar that the EZ slide cutter travels along. The cutter somewhat resembles the slider on a Ziploc bag. Grab the plastic tab of the sliding cutter, and zip it across the length of the plastic wrap. Presto! The plastic wrap is cut in a straight line. Since the EZ slide cutter will slide in both directions, it doesn’t matter which side of the roll the cutter is positioned. The way the cutter is designed, the severed edge of the plastic wrap remains attached to the flat plastic bar. This means that the plastic wrap does not retract back into the box or become tangled or “glued” to the plastic wrap roll. A great convenience.

This plastic wrap comes in other colors besides clear. The wrap is also available in blue, green, rose and violet. It can also be purchased in different square footages: 50, 100, 200.

My Experiences

This plastic wrap is a good thickness. It clings well to glass, ceramic or china. I usually use the plastic wrap on glass or ceramic bowls and platters. It also sticks well to Corning cookware. The plastic wrap does not stick well to paper plates or bowls, plastic items (such as Tupperware, Rubbermaid, or Sterilite) or to metal.

When I use the plastic wrap, I make sure that the bowl or platter is dry since plastic wrap sticks better to a dry surface. I usually “eye” the surface I need to cover, and then cut a length of plastic wrap to fit. However, the EZ slide cutter makes it simple to stretch the plastic wrap (while still in the box) over the surface and then cut the wrap from the roll.

This plastic wrap has a bit of stretch in it so that it tightly seals across the surface. I have never had this plastic wrap rip. However, I have had some static cling issues. Today is such a day. I pulled a small piece of plastic wrap and cut it from the roll. Instead of the easy handling I expected, the plastic wrap developed static cling and didn’t want to leave my fingers. A few shakes of the wrap, though, and it started to behave.

I use Reynolds Plastic Wrap to cover items that stay on the counter, go into the refrigerator or a short time in the freezer, and even for microwaving. Though I don’t use plastic wrap in the microwave too much since reading several articles that state microwaving can cause chemicals to leech from the plastic wrap into the food. When I do use the plastic wrap in the microwave, I make sure it does not touch the food. It is also easier to remove plastic wrap from a hot dish after letting the dish cool for a few moments. This allows the plastic wrap to loosen. These days I tend to cover whatever I am microwaving with a glass or ceramic microwave-safe plate or bowl instead of plastic wrap.

This plastic wrap also seals dishes well so that I can take munchies to meetings. If I purchase this plastic wrap in a color, my food presentations take on a festive appearance. I have even used the colored plastic wrap to over-wrap the customized gift baskets I create.

One thing I would never do is rely on any plastic wrap to create a leak-proof seal. I don’t trust plastic wrap to stay 100% sealed to a bowl or plate. For instance, the family enjoys cranberry sauce on their chicken or turkey sandwiches. When I open a can of cranberry sauce, I place it in a bowl and cover the bowl with plastic wrap, placing the leftover cranberry sauce in the refrigerator. Sometimes careless stacking of items in the refrigerator causes the bowl of cranberry sauce to tip. Most times, the plastic wrap holds tight to the bowl ... and there are no spills. However, even though it rarely happens, I have had the bowl tip, leaving a beautiful mess to clean up.


My local grocery store sells the clear Reynolds Plastic wrap in a 100 square foot roll for $2.69, and a 200 square foot roll for $4.79. I have also bought this plastic wrap in colors: blue and rose. I have seen this wrap with prints on the clear plastic, too, and it tends to cost more than the regular clear wrap.


I will continue to buy Reynolds Clear Plastic Wrap. To date, it is the best plastic wrap I have used. The EZ slide cutter is a terrific improvement, too. I used to nick my fingers on those old metal teeth cutters all the time. I haven’t hurt myself at all using this new EZ cutter!

I hope you have found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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