Reynolds Wrap Release Non-Stick Aluminum Foil

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- Reynolds Release Foil will not Let Go of any Sticky Situation!

Feb 26, 2006
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Pros:Not expensive and is completely, absolutely, NON-STICK

Cons:CONStantly does a Super job.

The Bottom Line: If you've not tried this Non-Stick Foil, you're in for a treat when you do! I am absolutely sold on this product.

Have you tried Reynolds Wrap® Release® NON-STICK Aluminum Foil yet? Well, if you haven't you are in for a real treat, and if you have, you know what I'm talking about.

When Reynolds talks about non-stick, they truly mean it. All the discussions about non-stick cookware can be set aside. It doesn't matter what type of cookware you use, this new Aluminum Foil will solve all your problems.

I first saw it in Wal-Mart a few months ago and decided it sounded great. I bought the 35 square feet (11 ˝ yds. x 12 in) box. This is a Heavy Duty foil and the box tells us that if is good for:

1. Cooking – lining pans
2. Covering/Wrapping
3. Freezing

Why would you want Non-Stick Foil?

Just picture greasing a baking pan before you bake your chicken, chops, or other foods that you bake. When they are done and you go to lift them out of the pan, despite having greased the pan, they still stick and the covering you used rips off. How frustrating.

Not only that, the pan itself becomes a chore to clean because of the grease and/or the particles that are baked on. These are just two of the reasons that I love this product because it solves both of these problems.

Have you ever baked a casserole, covered it with foil, only to have it stick to the cover and pull off the breadcrumb or cheese covering? I have and it disappointed me no end. If you cover your casserole with Reynolds Wrap® Release®, it will NOT stick. You can be assured of that.

Since this is a Heavy Duty Wrap, it offers extra protection against Freezer Burn, for those of you who use foil coverings in the freezer. This product does just about everything you'd want it to do.

Description and Notes

I can't tell you better, nor as concisely as the box does, so I quote here:

"Release Foil is a Heavy Duty Foil.

The dull side of Release Foil is the non-stick side. It is printed on the dull side, too.

Use as you would any Reynolds Wrap Foil."

Because food will slide on this special Foil, Reynolds® warns us to use cookware that has sides to prevent losing the food onto the floor. Good Point, I'd say. Most cookie pans have slight sides, so there's not too much danger here, but exceptions do happen so it's nice to be forewarned.

The box this comes in is your regular long box with the metal cutter, which we are warned about because you could cut yourself on it. When I studied the box in preparation for reviewing this, I discovered something I'd never seen before.

On each of the small ends on the box there are push tabs, which, when you push them in, will go into the center ends of the roll of foil so when you pull, the entire roll of foil won't pull out of the box. It works, and solved a problem that I've suffered many times. I checked other products I have with the same type of box, and none of them has that feature.

However, on the front of the box, where you pull out the foil, there are two tabs you can push in but they did nothing for me. I didn't really need them and the foil pulls out easily and tears off beautifully.

Reynolds Wrap® Release® comes in 35 sq. ft. – 12" wide or 45 sq. ft. – 18" wide.

My Experience with Reynolds Wrap® Release®

My experience with this product has revolutionized my thinking about aluminum foil.

Anything I am going to bake, gets the Reynold's® Release® treatment.

1. Baked chicken, one of my favorite dishes. I no longer grease the pan or baking dish, I turn the pan over, mold the foil around it, and then place the molded foil (dull side up) into the pan and place my chicken pieces in for baking. Not one piece has ever stuck, and when it's finished baking, I merely remove the pieces with tongs and fold up the Foil with the grease, and throw it away.

The dish is always so clean, I could fool everyone and place it away with the clean dishes (but I don't!)

2. This foil is great to use for baking cookies. The cookie sheet never needs to be greased and the cookies slide off perfectly.

3. I make a mean tuna/noodle baked dinner with cracker crumbs and cheese on the top. Release® Foil is just the thing to use to cover this dish with. Even the cheese does not stick to it when I remove it.

4. Perfect for lining meatloaf pans. No mess, no stick, no hard pans to clean out. My husband, especially, likes this when he whips up his special meatloaves.

5. I don't use foil in the freezer, but for anyone who does, this is great for freezing hamburger patties, etc. Just put pieces of Release® between the patties, or other meats, and they will not stick together. I did try this just so I could report if it works or not. And it does!

Is this a good product?

I'd certainly say so. Reynolds® has a name that's beyond reproach and they have made a product that does what it says it will do.

It says it will give us "release from sticky situations in the kitchen." And it does. "You can cook, cover, freeze and store, with no sticking." What could be better than that? Besides all that, they give you an Unconditional Guarantee, or your money back.

I don't imagine they've ever had to return anyone's money. Reynolds Wrap® Release® is MARVELOUS and I use it for anything that I'd ever use Foil Wrap on, it's that Good.

I recommend it with all my heart. You'll be glad you tried it, I know you will.

Thanks for reading my Review:

Lorace ©2006

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